The Significance of Bigo Beans

For both seasoned Bigo users and those considering the Bigo Live app, comprehending the role of Bigo Beans is paramount. These virtual currencies facilitate the exchange of gifts and money transfers. Streamers receive Beans as gifts from their audience, subsequently converting these Beans into real money or diamonds.

Sending Gifts and Bean Valuation

When users send gifts, they often purchase diamonds for this purpose. However, these gifts are received by the streamer in the form of Beans. While the valuation of Beans is equivalent to diamonds during the gifting process, converting Bigo Beans to diamonds follows a different ratio – 1 diamond for every 3 Bigo Beans.

Differentiating Between Bigo Beans and Diamonds

Understanding the distinction between Bigo Beans and Diamonds is essential. Unlike diamonds, Bigo Beans cannot be directly purchased; they can only be obtained through gifts. While diamonds can be used to directly buy virtual gifts within the app, Beans require conversion to diamonds before they can be used for this purpose. Notably, Beans can be converted into diamonds, but the reverse is only possible by sending diamonds to other streamers.

Checking Your Bigo Beans Balance

To monitor your current Bigo Beans balance, follow these steps within the Bigo app:

  1. Open the Bigo app and click on the profile option at the bottom right.
  2. Access your wallet and navigate to the Beans section.
  3. Your total Beans balance will be displayed on the screen. Additionally, when viewing a Bigo profile or a live stream, the respective Beans received by a streamer will be visible.
bigo beans

Bigo Host Payments and Bean Transactions

In the intricate economy of the Bigo application, all transactions with hosts are conducted in Beans. Bigo Live pays its hosts in Bigo Beans, adding a specific amount to their wallets based on the targets accomplished in the previous month.

Understanding the Value of Bigo Beans

The value of Bigo Beans is vital. Currently, 210 Bigo Beans translate to $1 USD. For instance, if you possess 6,700 Bigo Beans, you can exchange them for $31 USD.

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