When users send gifts they purchase diamonds to send gifts and those gifts are received in form of beans by the streamer. While sending beans they value equal to the diamonds but when you convert bigo beans to diamonds you get 1 diamond for 3 bigo beans.

What Is The Difference Between Bigo Beans And Diamonds?

  • You can buy diamonds from Bigo purchase section, but you cannot buy beans.
  • Diamonds can be used directly to purchase virtual gifts in the app, but beans cannot be used to purchase gifts. If you want to buy a virtual gift with beans, you should first convert your beans to diamonds.
  • Beans can be converted into diamonds, but diamonds can’t be convert into beans without sending it to other streamer.
  • Cash can be obtained from beans only not from diamonds.

How To Check Beans In My Account?

  • To check how many bigo beans you have currently in your account, just open bigo app then click on profile option at most right bottom.
  • Click on wallet then beans.
  • Thats all total beans will appear on your screen
  • When you click on any bigo profile you will see some number of beans right below profile picture and the same amount of beans will appear at top left of screen when a streamer is live. That is the sum of beans that a streamer has receive from viewers since they registered on bigo.
bigo beans

How Bigo Hosts Get Paid?

As mentioned bigo beans is currency of bigo application and they make all transactions in beans with hosts, therefore bigo live pay salary to its hosts in bigo beans only. They add on some beans in hosts wallet according to their target accomplished last month.

What Is The Value Of Bigo Beans?

210 beans = $ 1 USD
For example, you can get $ 31 USD for 6,700 beans.

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