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duoo agency registration

Duoo Agency Commission Structure

Unlock the potential to earn with Duoo Agency:

  • 7000 diamonds = 1$
  • Earn a commission ranging from 5% to 36% based on your hosts or sub-agents’ earnings.
  • Hosts must accumulate at least $10 for your agency to qualify for a commission.
  • Top agents can earn from sub-agents’ income without affecting their own.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $10, available weekly.
  • Multiple payment methods including Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Vodafone Pay, Pix, USDT through Binance, and Epay.

Duoo Agent Responsibilities

As a Duoo App agent, your responsibilities include:

  • Attracting new Streamer Hosts to Duoo App.
  • Inviting sub-agencies to join Duoo App.
  • Managing and monitoring your Duoo App hosts, stream time, earnings, and records through the Agency dashboard.
  • Tracking your commission rate’s progress within the Duoo App.
  • Staying informed with the latest news and notifications from Duoo App via your dashboard.

Duoo Agency Rules

  • Agencies should bring in a minimum of 20 active hosts.
  • Ensure hosts broadcast regularly and responsibly.
  • Provide prompt feedback on host performance to managers for solutions.
  • Strictly refrain from recruiting hosts or streamers within the Duoo App.

How To Add Hosts?

  1. Let hosts install and log in to the Duoo app through your Agency Link.
  2. Guide hosts to click on ‘To be a hostess’ in profile options.
  3. Facilitate completion of Face Authentication.
  4. Instruct hosts to go to the “Bound Agent” option and enter the Duoo Agency code to activate their account.

How To Invite Sub-Agents?

  1. Open your agency dashboard in the app.
  2. Share the sub-agent invite link from your dashboard.
  3. Encourage sub-agents to register with Duoo App agency details and join your team officially on Duoo.

Unlock the full potential of Duoo App today and embark on a journey of connections and earnings!

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