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FuLive Agency Registration, Commission & Policy

FuLive is a Video Calling App where Hosts can make friends, talk to users and earn money. FU Live is hiring Agency leaders to recruit new hosts for the App. If you can add 1v1 calling hosts on FuLive App then apply now to register your agency and earn good commission.

Country: India, Phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam & Morocco

FuLive Agency Registration

  1. Click on Agency Registration Link
  2. Create Agency Username
  3. Create Password
  4. Enter E-mail Address
  5. Choose CONTRACTED in Contract Type
  6. Click Join To Complete Registration
  7. Create Agency Name
  8. Enter Bank Details – Name, Account No, IFSC, Swift Code etc.
    How To Find Bank Swift Code
    (Check Passbook / Search Online / Talk To Bank)
  9. Submit All Details

FuLive Agency Commission

  • 10 -30% of Hosts Earning

    (your corresponding commission ratio * total weekly earning of all of your hosts)

  • 5% of Sub Agency Income
  • Agency Minimum withdraw amount is $100
  • Host Minimum withdraw amount is $20
  • Payment will settle on every Monday and Pay before Thursday.
  • Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Bank & Paytm.

The commission ratio of agencies is floating according to the total weekly revenue of an agency. This total weekly revenue is made up of two parts:

  1. Total weekly earnings of the hosts.
  2. Total weekly earning of sub-agents.

Add Host On FuLive

Steps by Hosts

  1. Let Your Host Download FU Live App from Play Store.
  2. Let Install & Create a New Account on FuLive App.
  3. Ask Your Host To Provide Invitation Code & Profile ID
    (Invitation Code is mentioned on Live Page)
    (Profile ID is mentioned on Profile Page)

Steps by Agency

  1. Open Your Agency Dashboard
  2. Click On ‘Add‘ Button  on Dashboard.
  3. Enter Host Anchor ID & Invite Code.
  4. Save to Add Host.

Invite Sub-Agency On FuLive

  1. Open Your Agency Dashboard
  2. Choose Sub-Agent List Option from Left Menu Bar.
  3. Tap Click copy invitation code
  4. Share Invitation Code with sub-agent.
  5. Let them register through your link.

FuLive Payment Policies

Apply to salary of hosts and commission of agencies:

  • The cash-out amount must be > $10. If the amount is <$10, it will be accumulated and cashed out in the following settlement cycle. (cash-out amount = diamonds + silver coins)
  • if the cash-out amount <$10 , the bonus will not be paid.
  • The cash-out amount must be an integral multiple of 10, the remainder will be accumulated and cashed out in the following settlement cycle.
  • If the hosts didn’ t work last week, the system will be unable to generate the payroll for last week. And the hosts should earn at least 200 diamonds (1min) to activate her account. The salary unpaid will be calculated in the following
  • If the callers request a refund from Google or Apple, we will deduct the corresponding amount from related hosts.

FuLive Agency Guidelines

  • The agent has to recruit more than 10 hosts in a week, at least 10 hosts turn on their WORKING MODE , and hosts on line can be arrange more flows(male users)
  • The agent should reach the withdraw quota within 2 weeks
  • After two weeks ,we will detect the active hosts in your agency, if the active people less than 50% ,we may remind you to recruit girls .We may dissolve your agency if u can’t reach our standard.
  • Agency’s members recruit members form other agency purpose ,talebearing or advertising other platorms .Will be punished as following
    steps : warning— ban account— deduct all of the salaries.


Become Agency

If you accept all the rules mentioned above, you can register as a Fulive agency After registration, You will get a management system to you, which helps you monitor your hosts and sub-agents, check their salaries and your revenue, bind hosts or sub-agents under your agency and so on.