Bigo Live stands out for its diverse hosting options, comprising two main categories: Bigo Official Hosts and Regular Hosts.

Bigo Official Hosts

Official hosts on Bigo Live are streamers engaged in a direct collaboration with Bigo or through recruitment agencies, operating under signed contracts. These hosts have monthly targets for both gifts and streaming hours, outlined in the chart below. Successfully meeting these targets results in additional bonus income.

Bigo Regular Hosts

In contrast, any user with the Bigo Live application can venture into hosting without entering contractual agreements. Regular hosts have the liberty to earn beans, which can be converted into real money, without being subjected to specific target requirements.

bigo live hosting

Benefits of Being a Bigo Official Host:

  • Enhanced Bigo Live payments compared to regular hosts.
  • Exclusive participation in major Bigo events.
  • Special Live House performance privileges for hosts with exceptional talents.
  • Dedicated assistance provided by Recruiters/Agencies.
  • Immediate support for issues like ID bans, abusive comments, fake profiles, and misleading content.
  • Weekly exposure in the prestigious Hot Live section.
  • Eligibility to join a family, offering additional support in achieving targets.

How to Become a Host on Bigo Live?

Becoming an official host involves the following steps:

  1. Connect with an official agency.
  2. Provide your Bigo User ID for a Live Interview.
  3. Schedule a convenient interview date and time with the recruiter.
  4. Go live at the scheduled interview time and connect with the interviewer via a guest live video call.
  5. Answer a series of simple questions during the interview.
  6. Once selected, share necessary documents with your recruiter.

Understanding the Earning Potential of Bigo Live Hosts

Monetary rewards for Bigo hosts range from $150 to $10,000 monthly, contingent on the gifts they receive. To illustrate, achieving a minimum target of 20,000 beans earns a host $133, with the value of beans set at 210 beans = 1 USD.

Bigo Host Salary Chart (2023)

Bigo host targets revolve around two critical factors:

  1. Gifts received in a month.
  2. Hours of streaming in a month.
  1. Gifts are the beans that a host receive from the viewer as an appreciation or support while streaming. which has different amount value.
  2. Apart from beans, every host shall complete  around 50 hour streaming in a month including 15 effective days.
  3. Effective days – Minimum 1 hour consecutive live streaming in a day. Hosts can only make 1 effective day in a calendar date.
  4. If any of the above target fail to achieve then Bigo shall not pay host for that particular month.
bigo host salary

Proven Tips for Success as a Bigo Live Streamer:

  • Join supportive families on Bigo to enhance your experience and meet targets through gift swaps.
  • Promote your social media channels during streams to build a larger community.
  • Encourage audience engagement by asking them to tap the screen, share the stream, and follow you.
  • Focus on delivering quality content and showcasing your talents, whether you’re a singer, dancer, DJ, or RJ.
  • Support other streamers to foster a positive community.

Non-Official Hosts and Earnings

While non-official hosts can still garner popularity and receive gifts, becoming an official host unlocks additional benefits such as live house privileges, official PK participation, and hot page rankings. Consider joining an agency to access these management services and elevate your Bigo Live experience.

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