Why is Video Content a Hot Trend?

Since many people are attracted and engaged with videos, using video content on your website can be pretty beneficial. Nearly 95% of people prefer audio-visual explanations of a particular product or service instead of reading paragraphs. Hence you get a huge audience that will actively increase your website traffic.

However, humans consume excessive information, and their storage capacity decreases. Hence when you create video content to explain a particular point, ensure that it is short and straightforward. This will help your audience register the information better. Short videos are great options to catch viewers’ attention on the go. Thus, it is more likely to attract an audience than long videos or readable content.

Audience Engagement Increases Rapidly

According to a study, nearly 55% of the users watch short videos to the end. Hence you can quite easily understand the power of an excellent short video with engaging content. Another video-related statistical study showed that when you share an explanative yet short video, viewers re-share your video up to 1200% more times when compared to posts that have texts or simple pictures. The likes and comments also increase along with re-shares, which creates an organic presence for your brand among a vast audience. Brand recognition on social media platforms holds a considerable place in a brand’s success and growth.

Enhanced Website Traffic

When you compose the ideal content within your video, shoot and edit it with an online video trimmer, you will increase website traffic and online exposure. Apart from having website traffic, people will show interest and desire to know more about your product or service. Adding a simple video to your website can increase traffic and boost sales.

Boost of Confidence in Running the Business

Video content has the potential to leave a mark on the audience’s minds and bring them closer to a particular brand. Specifically, short videos hold a lot of potential to convey the brand’s values and story to the audience alongside solving issues, motivating and attracting the audience to the brand. A robust video marketing campaign can help a business gain confidence and establish itself in the market. Moreover, this helps create a loyal and trustworthy relationship with the customers.

Enhancement of Conversion Rate and Sales

Nearly 70% of the top marketers and entrepreneurs think that having a robust video marketing campaign with customer-friendly strategies can increase the overall conversion rate. A study compared two companies that used and did not use video marketing strategies in their business. They found that the company that uses video content has an overall turnover of 49% a year, which denotes a significant increase in sales.

Components of a Powerful Short Video

When making a short video for your website, here are the three main components that you need to consider. Combining these components will help you scale your business and have a thriving market presence.


As mentioned earlier, the shorter the length of the video, the more popular it would gain among viewers. When you edit with special effects and trim unnecessary parts with an online video trimmer, the video looks more professional and showcases content.

According to the data collected from viewers, the optimal length of a video should be no more than 2 minutes. Another study showed that the video should be longer than 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds. Combining this data, we can tell that the average length of a short video on the website should be around 1 minute 30 seconds.


Quality is an essential factor for a video to be successful. In a study, more than half of the viewers said that they lose interest and turn the video off if they do not find quality in it. The main factor in creating a quality video is the content of the video within and its editing.


CTA or Call to Action is essential for creating a short video. A call to action is the link between your video and the action that you want your viewer to take. You need to explain the next step after the video is watched adequately. These actions can include visiting the website for more details, signing up for the newsletter for updates, etc.

Best Platform to Post Your Video

According to a leading video platform, Facebook is the most effective platform to share your video. Since Facebook helms an autorun function for the videos, it is 8.4 times more effective than other platforms. The “Watch” section on Facebook is an influential section where content creators and business people can share videos to get maximum exposure. 

Moreover, Facebook ranks posted videos higher than general links, which helps you with maximum engagement on a single social media platform. Apart from general videos, Facebook allows live broadcasts and 360-degree videos. This opens many options for entrepreneurs to share their ideas and promote their brands through videos.

Wrapping Up

If you want to establish a solid name in the market, video content holds the key. When you create and post exciting and engaging content, viewers will stick to it and your brand, no matter what. This opens a world full of opportunities to grow in the social place. Apart from website traffic, good video content also drives sales and significantly increases the conversion rate. Thus, the chances of converting a viewer to a loyal customer increase drastically when you have great video content.

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