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LivChat Agency Process

  1. Registration Made Easy
    • Access the Agency Registration Link.
    • Submit Name, WhatsApp, and Mobile Number.
    • Receive and Enter OTP for verification.
    • Create and Confirm Password.
    • Submit Your Application.

2. Login to Your Dashboard

live chat agency registration

LivChat Agent Commission

Earn Smartly with LivChat’s Unique System!

  • Host Salary: 750 coins = $1
  • Withdraw when host income ≥$20 (15,000 coins), in multiples of 10 USD.

Building Your Team

  • Invite Hosts and Sub-agents simultaneously for maximum impact.
  • Sub-agents boost your commission rate strategically. (Agencies will get commission from sub-agents one month revenue from the date of joining)

Example: Total weekly revenue from 3 Hosts = $600 Sub-agent’s revenue from Hosts = $200 Your Total Revenue = $800 Commission Calculation: $46 + ($800-$600) * 12% – ($200-$200) * 9% = $60

live chat agency registration

How to Add Hosts in LivChat App

  1. Access Your Agency Dashboard
  2. Generate Hostess Invite Link
  3. Share Link with Host
  4. Guide Host through Registration Steps
    • Name, DOB, WhatsApp, OTP, Password.
  5. Application Submission
  6. Download LivChat Apk
  7. Install & Login
live chat agency registration

LivChat Agency Rules

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

  • Face Must Be Visible: Hosts should show their face; veils allowed in Egypt.
  • Age Restriction: Hosts must be 18+, minors not allowed.
  • Prohibited Actions: No harassment, screen recording, or misleading messages.
  • Warning System: Violations result in warnings; repeated offenses lead to account bans.

Multiple Accounts & Anchor Standards

  • Single Account Policy: One streamer, one account, one agent.
  • AI Monitoring: LivChat’s AI ensures behavioral and industry standards.
  • Recruitment Tips: Choose hosts wisely for sustained success.

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