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LivChat Agency Process

  1. Click on Agency Registration Link
  2. Submit Your Name, WhatsApp number & Mobile Number.
  3. Click on Get OTP to receive verification code.
  4. Enter OTP
  5. Create Password & Re-enter password.
  6. Submit your application.
  7. Login your agency dashboard using verified mobile number and password.
  8. If you face any issue contact us on WhatsApp +918448877709
livchat agency registration

LivChat Agent Commission

Host Salary: 750 coins = $1
(Host income must be ≥20 USD (15,000 coins), and must be an integer multiple of 10 USD to withdraw)

Agents can invite both Host and sub-agents at the same time-Organize the strongest team.
(You’ve to calculate multiple times when you’ve more than one sub-agent)

Your sub-agent is to increase your commission rate, instead of increasing your commission directly.



  • You have 3 direct Host and their total weekly revenue = 600USD
  • and you have a sub-agent which Host’ total weekly revenue =200USD


  • so your total revenue = 600+200=800 USD
  • then your Commission =46+(800-600)*12%-10+(200-200)*9%= 60 USD
livchat agency commission

How To Add Hosts In LivChat App

  1. Login to your LivChat Agency Dashboard.
  2. Copy Invite Link for Hostess 
  3. Share link with your Host
  4. Let her open the link.
  5. Let her enter details: name, DOB, WhatsApp number.
  6. Enter Phone Number & click Get OTP
  7. Enter OTP
  8. Create password and re-enter password.
  9. Submit application
  10. Download LivChat Apk File
  11. Install & Login using registered Phone number and password.
  12. Complete profile.

LivChat Agency Rules

Low Quality Content

  • Hosts must show the face in the camera (some countries, Egypt can wear a veil). Use fake pictures or work on a black screen. Other similar violations will result in warnings(Please ask for details)
  • The age of the hosts must be older than 18. Minors are not allowed to appear in the camera. Otherwise, LivChat will immediately ban the accounts without any payment
  • Sending improper messages to harass users
  • Recording screens during the video call and sending fraudulent messages.
  • Sending incorrect messages to ask for gifts. Exchange phone numbers or social media accounts with users.
  • Will receive a serious warning for violating any of the above rules.

Multiple Accounts

  • One streamer is only allowed to work with one account in one agent. If the streamer breaks this rule, she will not receive a salary and delete all accounts.

Anchor Standards

  • LivChat have AI artificial intelligence system to help us check. They are very accurate and sensitive to screen out hostesses with unqualified behavior,In addition, our AI can also screen out hostesses who can’t make money, and then users will stop calling them, so you shouldn’t recruit them Hostesses who are not good at this industry because they are easy to be fired
  • The hostess recruited must keep them more online time and work more enthusiastically

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist