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Hiring Streamers For Plamfy App

About Plamfy App

Plamfy is a Live Streaming Application with a very friendly and supportive community. Plamfy don’t limit streamers and influencers on how they can express themselves. Getting started with Plamfy is easy: a simple approval as an official streamer. 
We are hiring streamers from All Asian Countries, Your earnings come to your personal account. Host get flexible working hours from anywhere in the world.

Become Plamfy Official Streamer

Method: 1

  1. >>CLICK HERE<<
  2. Click on profile and Sign-up using any option. (Recommend: Phone Number)
  3. Upload Photo & Complete Profile.
  4. Download Plamfy App from Profile
  5. Login Using Same Method you Registered.
  6. Fill the Agency Form.
Become host on Plamfy App

Method: 2

  1. Download Plamfy App from Google / Play Store
  2. Sign-up using any option available
  3. Go to Profile & click on ‘Referral program’
  4. Enter Code ‘YgBe’ in My Agent & click on ADD MANAGER
  5. Click on this link and Fill up the form:
  6. Use ‘614738’ in Plamfy ID of Agent
join agency on plamfy app

Plamfy Host Salary

  • Host need to do minimum 15 hours stream in a month
  • Minimum diamonds target to get Bonus is 7500
  • Minimum Payout is only $50
  • Receive your earnings during the week
  • Your earnings come to your personal account directly from Company
  • Higher targets = more bonus
Plamfy host salary sheet

Create Attractive Profile

  • Create a memorable name, use emoji😎
  • Add Attractive photo – profile picture will largely increase the amount of viewers and followers on your streams
  • Tell something special about you in bio to make people remember you
  • At the time of approval the profile make sure details filled correctly
Create plamfy profile

Why LH Talent Agency

LH Agency is hiring for multiple applications and we have a big network of hosts and agents. We are available to provide support all time and resolve hosts problems immediately. We keep our hosts updated and let them work freely according to their choice. We are one highly trusted agency working globally. We would love to make you a part of Plamfy App as a host with LH Agency.