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Become Plamfy Official Streamer

Method: 1

    1. >>CLICK HERE<<
    2. Click on profile and Sign-up using any option. (Recommend: Phone Number)
    3. Upload Photo & Complete Profile.
    4. Download Plamfy App from Profile
    5. Login Using Same Method you Registered.
    6. Fill the Agency Form.
plamfy host registration

Method: 2

  1. Download Plamfy App from Google / Play Store
  2. Sign-up using any option available
  3. Go to Profile & click on ‘Referral program’
  4. Enter Code ‘YgBe’ in My Agent & click on ADD MANAGER
  5. Click on this link and Fill up the form: https://forms.gle/
  6. Use ‘614738’ in Plamfy ID of Agent

Plamfy Host Salary

  • Host need to do minimum 15 hours stream in a month
  • Minimum diamonds target to get Bonus is 7500
  • Minimum Payout is only $50
  • Receive your earnings during the week
  • Your earnings come to your personal account directly from Company
  • Higher targets = more bonus

Create Attractive Profile

  • Create a memorable name, use emoji😎
  • Add Attractive photo – profile picture will largely increase the amount of viewers and followers on your streams
  • Tell something special about you in bio to make people remember you
  • At the time of approval the profile make sure details filled correctly

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist