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How to Join StarMaker

Download & Signup on StarMaker

  • Download the StarMaker app.
  • Sign up for starmaker using your preferred method.
  • Personalize your profile: Upload a photo, create a unique username, and select your gender.
  • Provide additional details: Enter your date of birth and choose your preferred language.
  • Access your profile details: Click on the profile button in the top left corner to find your profile ID and edit details.

Remember to fill out the form after creating your StarMaker account.

how to become starmaker official

Audition as a Starmaker Host: After confirmation, conduct a 15-30 minute live streaming audition showcasing your talent—whether it’s singing, dancing, chatting, or playing musical instruments.

Review and Approval Process: Inform your manager to review your trial live video. Once approved, you can start your live sessions as an official starmaker host.

Starmaker Host Salary

  1. Earn 3 coins for every 7 Diamonds.
  2. Hosts need to complete a minimum of 15 days and 30 hours per month for a bonus.
  3. 1 hour of live equals 1 valid day, with at least 30 minutes each live session.
Starmaker Host Salary
Starmaker Host Salary-1

Starmaker Official Host Policy

Explanation of Each Item:

  1. Level: There are 18 levels in total for agency broadcasters, the higher level broadcasters achieve, the more benefits broadcasters and agency captains will get. 
  2. Target Diamond: Gifts amount agency broadcasters receive in their live rooms.
  3. Withdraw: All gifts amount broadcasters receive will show in their StarMaker account in diamond, and could be withdrawn by themselves. (500 diamonds=1 USD)
  4. Broadcasters Bonus: Broadcasters achieve different Diamond Targets, and could receive the corresponding bonus. Higher Target, Higher Bonus!
  5. Duration: Minimum live duration per natural month 15 valid days, 30 hours in total 

Each live duration must be over 30 mins, below 30 mins will not be calculated, live over 1 hour will be seen as 1 valid daylive 3 hours in one day will be seen as 1 valid day as well)

  • Broadcasters must finish Diamonds Target and Live Duration at the same time, and then broadcasters receive the relative salary.
  • Only gifts from live rooms will be calculated as Target Diamonds. (7 diamonds =3 coins)

Hosts will get paid between every 15th to 20th day for the previous month’s work and bonus earned. Hosts will get their salary through their agency.

Starmaker Official Host Requirements

  • No hosts under 18 years old.
  • Agencies should have at least 15 hosts, with 80% being female.
  • Hosts must be talented or good-looking, showcasing skills in singing, dancing, or playing musical instruments.
starmaker official

Checking Broadcaster's Live Data

  1. Hosts can check their live data every Monday and Thursday.
  2. “MY LIVE” option in the profile displays daily data.
  3. Report any discrepancies between data reports and “MY LIVE” data with the full video record.
starmaker app



  • The system rewards hosts based on performance metrics.
  • Go live at night for a more active audience.


  • Ensure your live broadcast cover, content, and environment meet standards.
  • Avoid blank live broadcasts.
  • Use HD option during live sessions for optimal traffic and hot levels.

Finding Starmaker Top Gifters

  • Here you can see gifter ranking and all top gifters on StarMaker in the last month
  • You can get in touch with top gifters and encourage them to gift your hosts. That could be a possible way to help reach the target
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