Tandoo Agency Registration

Tandoo Agency Registration

Bigo Beans play a pivotal role in the Bigo Live app, serving as the virtual currency for users and streamers. Understanding the conversion rate is crucial – 210 Bigo Beans equal $1 USD.

How To Become Tandoo Agency

  1. Download Tandoo App
  2. Create a Profile with Your Mobile Number
  3. Fill Up the Given Form or Contact us on WhatsApp to Open an Agency at +91 7065384660. Use Invitation Code: 14705083 for IOS Devices.

How To Become Tandoo Agency

The agent’s level and commission ratio are determined by the agency’s weekly income. Agent income is calculated as the total income of all hosts multiplied by the commission ratio.
Agent income = all host’s income x commission ratio
Note: Rewards from events and tasks are not included in the agent’s income.

Payment & Settlement

  • The agency will get the Hosts salary + Agent Commission. Agency is responsible to make hosts payment
  • 14000 beans = 23300 silver coins = 1$. $1 value of silver coin can be withdrawn with every $5 value of beans.
  • Both agent and host get paid weekly on Thursday every week (business days only) Payment can be withdraw through: Epay / Payoneer / Paypal / Gcash / USDT


The agent has to withdraw payment by themselves:

  • Tandoo system will transfer all host’s salary & agency commissions to the agent’s account on Monday. The agent will need to withdraw payment every Monday & Tuesday.
  • If an agent misses to withdraw on Monday or Tuesday, They have to wait till next week’s Payday.
  • Payment will confirm and transfer on Thursday or Friday of the same week

How To Add Hosts


  1. Let your hosts download the Tandoo App
  2. Create a profile on Tandoo App with Mobile Number
  3. Get host Tandoo Profile ID
  4. Open Agency dashboard > Member manage > Host List > Add Host
  5. Agent need to add host ID , after that host need to confirm.


  1. Host will receive an official message
  2. Host can press “agree to join”
  3. Once host press “accept” to join your team successfully.