Table of Contents

Wow Host Registration Process

  1. Download Wow App from App / Play Store
  2. Register & Create Account with Email ID
  3. Complete Personal Information
  4. Fill-in Agency ID: 1090
  5. Complete Camera Authentication, Upload 3 beautiful photo, 
  6. Complete video & audio verification as required.
wow host registration

Do Not Disturb Mode

It is necessary to switch from Working Mode to Do Not Disturb Mode each time if you don’t want to answer the users’ calls.

Turn off the Do Not Disturb Mode

  • You are available when users call you and you need to answer it.
  • You can receive their messages.

Turn on the Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Customers cannot call you.
  • You can still receive their messages.

Wow Host Salary

  • 1000 Beans = 1 USD
  • Video Call = 200-840 Beans / Minute
  • Match = 15 beans / 15s
  • Gift = 10-20999 beans
  • Game: 1-3k Beans/ user*Round) Minimum Withdraw: 5 USD
  • Payment Process: Self Withdrawal
  • Payment Method: Paypal / Bank Transfer


Match call: Every 15-second round from the match video, you can gain 15 seconds.

Private call: Count from the 30th second, For every 60 seconds round of 1-1 calls will gain you beans based on your level and chat price.

Withdraw Process

  1. From Profile > Click on Cashout
  2. Click Withdraw
  3. Click Binding
  4. Select your Country
  5. Choose Withdraw Method
  6. Enter Account Details.

Video Chat Tips

  1. Do makeup before video calls.
  2. Keep bright lights.
  3. Keep your face within the screen.
  4. Do not miss or hang up any call.
  5. Don’t start SHOW for the first 30 seconds of the video call.
  6. Ask for gifts from caller when you feel right time.
  7. Try to make long calls as much as you can.

Wow Host Rules

Serious Violation

  • No violations of local laws.
  • Below 18 years users not allowed.
  • Host can’t make multiple accounts.
  • Hosts not allowed to share personal contact info; phone number, Whatsapp, social media or any third party app.

General Violation

  • Not answering or rejecting video calls, low answering rate.
  • Not replying messages.
  • Argument & abusing other users or hosts.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist