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Niki Live Host

The Host will be broadcasting their talent on a global platform. They can join as a streamer from anywhere in the world and start their career in the live-streaming industry.
Apart from being on live, the Host receives the gifts and rewards from the viewers and gets 70% of the received coins which can be converted into real money. The content monetization and the easy withdrawal access is available with Niki Live.
Read further for more details.

Niki Live Host Registration:

  1. Download and Register on the Niki App.
  2. Find Your Niki ID on the Niki App Profile.
  3. Submit the form OR send us your Niki ID on Whatsapp At +917065384660
  4. LH agency will send an Agent joining request.
  5. You will find Agency Request in Niki App messages.
  6. Accept the request.

Earning Opportunities as a Niki Live Host:

The various features that contribute to the earning potential:

  1. Conversion: 10,000 beans equals 1 USD
  2. Live Streaming: Engage your audience through captivating live streams.
  3. Gifts Sharing: Hosts receive gifts from viewers.
  4. Tasks: Perform and complete various hosting tasks.
  5. Video Chat: The Host can connect with their audience via video calls.
  6. Audio Chat: Enhance interaction through audio chats.

Hosts can easily adjust their chatting prices as per their preference and increase their earning potential.

Niki Live Host Salary Structure:

Understand the settlement rules carefully for the withdrawal process.

  • Settlement Cycle: Withdrawals are processed from Tuesday to Monday and payments get transferred the following Thursday.
  • Settlement Criteria:
    • The minimum withdrawal is $10 (equivalent to 1,00,000 beans).
    • For withdrawals less than $100, the host will receive 10,000 coins every 24 hours.
    • Withdrawals between $100 to $499, the hosts will get 30,000 coins per 24 hours.
    • Withdrawals exceeding $500 result in a payout of 50,000 coins per 24 hours.
    • Service charges are based on the withdrawal amount and exchange rate.
    • Withdrawal amounts are credited within 24 hours to your account.

Niki Live Host Benefits:

Become Niki Live Host today and thrive your career in the live-streaming industry. This platform offers monetization through various features like live-streaming, virtual gifts, rewards, etc. It also helps in increasing the audience reach through the worldwide community.

Join Niki Live as Host and convert your passion into profession.