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Join Duoo App Hosting

  1. Download the Duoo App on your mobile and register with phone number or using Google.
  2. Add basic information like gender, age and region.
  3. After login, click on ‘To be a hostess.
  4. Complete Face Verification.
  5. After verification click “BOUND AGENT.
  6. Enter the DUO Agency code: 5017448.
  7. This will complete your registration and activate your account in the Duoo application.
become duoo host

Host Verification Process

Host verification process is necessary if you want to earn money with Duoo App.

  1. Go to the Profile MENU and choose “TO BE A HOSTESS.”
  2. Enter your desired username.
  3. Upload your profile picture.
  4. Start the easy verification process.

Duoo Host Salary

  • Hostesses can withdraw their earnings weekly once they reach the minimum payout of 70,000 diamonds, which is equal to $10 USD.
  • Diamonds can be converted into dollars at a rate of 7,000 diamonds equal to $1.
  • Payment options include bank transfer (for certain countries), Payoneer and PayPal also available for some countries.
  • Hostess salary is calculated based on different factors, including match diamonds, call diamonds, gift diamonds, gift ranking rewards, new hostess tasks, and a basic pay.
  • The earnings from match diamonds and call per minute depend on the hostess’s Charm Level, which is linked to their credit score.
duoo host salary

Duoo Host Working Rules

  • No underage content allowed; any such content will result in a permanent account suspension.
  • Pornographic content, including sexual behavior and nudity, is not permitted in public areas, such as random matches, pictures, videos, messages, and live streaming.
  • Maintain a respectful and professional approach when interacting with users, show your face on camera (Niqab allowed in certain countries), don’t use fake profiles, and avoid sending inappropriate messages containing politics, abusive language, or racism. Keep your network a clean and positive place for work.

Recommendation to earn on Duoo app

  • Get ready and look your best before starting video calls.
  • Ensure good lighting.
  • Keep your face on the screen.
  • Don’t miss or disconnect any calls.
  • Politely request gifts from callers when appropriate.
  • Aim for longer calls whenever possible.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist