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Chamet App Host Registration

If you’ve got good social and communication talent and wishing to make a good income, become an official Host now.
Kindly undergo documentation before registering as a Chamet Host.

We offer you the service to become a host on Chamet app. There isn’t any cost for you to register with us. You only require a mobile number along with your id proof.

All of the hosts can earn by working as they want from anywhere at any time. Hosts can get weekly salary.

We’re hiring good looking female hosts or broadcasters for Chamet App. You can join chamet any time there is no pressure to stream regularly as mentioned you can do video calls to ensure income.

The Chamet host is given a weekly beans target. During which hosts will get atleast 2000 beans/minute. All of the beans will likely be added and paid weekly.

Host Registration 

Click on “Register Now” button and verify phone number to register as a Host.
For chamet agency registration click here

Chamet App host Registration

Payment Method

You need to bind your account details to get your income directly into your bank account.

Download Chamet App

After the install is successful, sign in with the same mobile number that was bind at the time of registration. And then fill in your complete profile details and go live to earn money.

Become chamet host

If you have already installed the application and created an account on Chamet but haven’t applied for hosting yet then you can contact us to get hosting on your existing account. >>click here<<

How Hostesses Generate Earnings From Chamet?

Earning from chamet is mainly the cash-out of the beans you receive. You may receive beans by mentioned methods.

  • Video Calling – that is the simplest technique to earn, here it is assured that you get paid per minute.
  • Live Broadcast – if you have good communication skills or any talent to showcase you can go live and talk to with your followers and might get beans from the items they send you.
  • PK – it’s a competition between 2 individuals in live broadcasts or up to 6 participants in party, your supporters can send you beans to make you win.
  • Party Rooms – you possibly can be a part of upto 6 individuals in party room and may interact with them, because of the fortunate game and lucky items there is good gift sending in party rooms.

Video Calls

The hosts get beans per minute for the video calling and the number of beans per minute ranges from 2000 diamonds ( 1200 beans ) to 20000 diamonds ( 12000 beans ) and it may be adjusted by the host, so if a hostess does a call for 10 minutes and her call price is of 2000 diamonds ( 1200 beans ) she’s going to receive 12000 beans for 10 minutes.

The call price may be decreased at any time but could be increased only once per week.
Call price of 2000 diamonds ( 1200 beans ) is considered appropriate for many new hosts, and it may be modified primarily based on the popularity of hosts.

Video calls are usually not mandatory on the app, hosts will receive girts to earn more, which is mentioned next however video calls are confirmed to generate regular earnings, and we encourage our hosts to not simply be depending on the gifts but in addition should do regular video calls.


A host who aspires to do huge targets must also do targets by receiving gifts, chamet has a lot of excellent gifting options which include lucky items, if a person sends lucky gifts they get a reward in return so a number should ask viewers to send them gifts and encourage them to attempt lucky gift items.
gifting is mostly done by viewers publically, i.e. in multi-user live or live broadcast, nevertheless some users like private streams and send you gifts in private, there are some users who simply sends gifts and don’t do video calls so the host should welcome these senders if they arrive in their live stream and may go to their multi guest lives and interact with them.


The app day by day distributes 1.5 million beans to best 5 hosts, so the hosts should goal to be within the top to get the reward.

Hosts Weekly Salary Plan

100k = $10
200k = $20
300k = $30
400k = $40
500k = $50
1 million = $100

For every 1000 beans hosts will get $1.

Live Broadcast

Some hosts are usually not comfortable doing video calls, in order that they have a choice to do live broadcast, where they’ll interact with the users and might earn beans by gifts, users can play lucky number game only on the multi guest stream, so hosts should welcome visitors who’ve good level on the platform, and may interact with such users. hosts should encourage viewers to send them gifts on their live streams. hosts can join PK with different hosts, it’s a competition and most of the sending is done in PK. nevertheless Live is comparatively a brand new function on the chamet app and the app is attempting to promote it by hosts who do live an additional bonus based on the live time period and targets. the hosts right now might not get good beans in live but it surely performs an important function in making you popular on the app and it’ll profit you indirectly.

There are NO fixed incomes from Chamet, your incomes will purely depend on the targets you make. but you need at least $10 to cash out and may at least expect 50 $ per week only if you invest your time and effort on the app, the more you go live the more you earn.

We are the most trusted agency and working since 2017 in live streaming industry, you possibly can get benefit from our experience and team, we give a joining bonus to each host who joins with us after you complete your 1st target. You may expect the best professionalism from us. Lastly, becoming a member of LH chamet agency is simply the beginning of our relationship, LH is the fastest-growing agency of talent management.

Once you become an official host under any agency you get an option to bind your profile within the application. Your salary will automatically get credited into your bank account on every Thursday. Your salary from Monday-Sunday work will get transferred to you on upcoming Thursday.