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If you already installed the application and created an account on Chamet App but haven’t applied to become host under any agency, then you can contact us to get hosting on your existing account. Fill this form

Steps To Become Chamet Host

  • Click on “REGISTER NOW” button and verify phone number to register as a Host.
  • Please Whatsapp (+91 8448877709)  your Chamet Id If registered under our agency.
chamet host registration

Download Chamet App

  • Download Chamet from Play. After the installation is successful, sign in with the same mobile number that was bound at the time of registration. And then fill in your details to complete your profile and go live to earn money.
chamet app registration

Complete Face Verificatoon

Face verification is important for every official host on Chamet:

  • Click on My Earnings from Profile options
  • Choose My Wallet option
  • Select Verification option and follow the process.
chamet face verification

Streaming Option

Host can choose any available option to recieve gifts and earn:

  • Go Live
  • Lets Party
  • Random Match
chamet video calling app

Chamet Earning Withdraw Rules

  1. The cash-out amount must be a minimum of $10 If the amount is less than $10 it will add to the following week’s settlement.
  2. The cash-out amount must be in multiples of 10, and the remaining amount will add to the following week’s settlement.

Chamet Hostesses Rules

Chamet is strict about its policies and every host must follow the guidelines and not break any rules. If any host finds violating the rules it may cause strict punishment to the host or agency. 

    1. A host can’t make more than 1 account on Chamet.
    2. A host can’t change their agency once they join under any Chamet agency. 
    3. Pornographic content during any public live.
    4. The host must be older than 18 years. 

How Much A Host Can Earn From Chamet ?

There are NO fixed incomes from Chamet, your incomes will purely depend on the targets you make. but you need at least $10 to cash out and may at least expect 50 $ per week only if you invest your time and effort on the app, the more you go live the more you earn.

What Benefit Will You Get By Registering Under Our Agency?

We are the most trusted agency and working since 2017 in live streaming industry, you possibly can get benefit from our experience and team, we give a joining bonus to each host who joins with us after you complete your 1st target. You may expect the best professionalism from us. Lastly, becoming a member of LH chamet agency is simply the beginning of our relationship, LH is the fastest-growing agency of talent management.

How Will I Get My Salary?

Once you become an official host under any agency. You need to make sure you have direct contact of the agency. Your salary will get transfer to you agency owner and they are solely responsible to transfer your money to you. If you are joining through our link please contact us on WhatsApp at +918448877709

How to earn more money on Chamet?

  • Use beautiful profile picture to attract more callers
  • Write attractive details in Bio
  • Fill in all information required to complete profile
  • When you gain many followers and gift senders play more PK with good competitions.
  • The more followers you gain, callers are more likely to pay higher call charges.

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