Chamet is a social networking and live video chat application for real-time user interactions globally. The key features of the Chamet application include 1v1 calling with strangers, interacting with nearby people, and a real-time translation tool that helps in communication without the language barrier. The app offers earning opportunities for the official hosts and agents.


  1. Open Host Registration Link
  2. Verify your phone number/email address
  3. Download Chamet app
  4. Login with a verified number/email address

      5. Complete face authentication:

  • Click on ‘My Earnings’ from the Profile options
  • Click on the ‘Withdraw‘ button
  • Select the ‘Face Verification‘ option and follow the process.

NOTE: Once the registration process on CHAMET is completed, bind the same phone number or email address on METWALLET and AND app.

How To Connect Metwallet:

  • Login through phone number/email address.
    After entering the phone number click on “Next”.
  • After completing the signup process
  • Click on the three lines in the top left corner
  • 1st step add basic details
  • In 2nd step verify with any government ID and upload the front portion of that ID
  • In 3rd step in the fully verified section submit the address from the government ID
  • AND app link will be shared by AGENT ONLY.


  • To become a Chamet host, the host will first register on the Chamet app, then bind your account with METWALLET and AND app. It is mandatory to use the same phone number/ email address on all three applications. 
  • Please use the same email ID for the AND app. Also your same Government ID at the time of Bank Withdrawal


Reward Earning:

  • Hosts can charge between 1,200 to 6,000 Beans per minute for video calls.
  • Hosts can also receive Beans as gifts, which vary in value.

The value of the Beans:

  • 10,000 Beans = $1
  • 100,000 Beans = $10
  • 200,000 Beans = $20
  • 300,000 Beans = $30
  • 400,000 Beans = $40
  • 500,000 Beans = $50
  • 1 million Beans = $100

Video calls:

Hosts will earn the beans by attending video calls from the users. The Chamet host can set the price of the calls ranging from 2000 diamonds to 20,000 diamonds. The users purchase these diamonds from the application and then send them to the hosts as beans.
Hosts receive a 70% share of the diamonds in beans.

Example- For a 10-minute call at 2000 diamonds, a host will receive 12000 beans. (70% of 20,000 diamonds)

A host can adjust the call price, it can be decreased anytime but increased only once a week. A call price of 2000 diamonds is suitable for new hosts and can be adjusted based on popularity. A host can maximize their earnings by focusing on video calls and receiving gifts.

Live Broadcast:

Receiving gifts is the main source of earnings that needs to be focused on by the Host. Some hosts prefer to do live broadcasts where they interact with multiple users and earn beans through virtual gifts. The hosts must have engaging skills to hook the audience with the live-streaming.
Hosts must acknowledge and interact with gift senders in their live streams. This interaction will enhance the viewers’ experience and also increase the chances of receiving more gifts. The engagement with the audience will contribute to the overall success of the hosts.
Lucky number games are available in multi-guest streams, so hosts should welcome users with a good platform level and encourage gift-sending during their live streams.


In Chamet, PK (Player-Knockout) is a competitive feature that allows hosts to engage in live video battles with other hosts to attract viewers and earn rewards. PK helps in increasing the visibility of the hosts which can automatically increase the earning opportunities.

The host receives the beans in terms of virtual gifts from their audience on PK. More gifts are sent to the more entertaining host in PK.


  • Chamet host can withdraw the earnings anytime.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount = 10 USD
  • The withdrawn amount will instantly go to the bound Metwallet. (It is important to bind the same phone number/email address on CHAMET, METWALLET, and AND app.)
  • Mandatory to complete the face verification to withdraw the earnings.
  • The hostess salaries directly get credited to their Chamet account.
  • For Bahrain, Chamet agent will receive their host’s salaries and pay them separately.


Violation of rules may result in severe consequences, including banning the hostess from Chamet and confiscation of the agency’s commission. The following situations are strictly prohibited.

  • Age Restriction: Hosts must be at least 18 years old to use the platform.
  • Multiple Accounts: Hosts are not permitted to create more than one account on Chamet.
  • Agency Switching: Hosts are not allowed to switch agencies or join a different agency once registered.
  • Inappropriate Content: Presenting nudity or explicit content during live or private video calls is strictly forbidden.


To ensure a positive and professional environment, Chamet enforces strict standards for hostess behavior. Hosts who fail to adhere to these standards and ignore warnings, their accounts will not be visible to the audience until they comply.

  • Professional Appearance: Hostesses should use makeup or beautification techniques in their photos to increase the account’s visibility.
  • Authentic Photo: Hostesses must use authentic photos of themselves.
  • Quality Imagery: High-definition photos with proper brightness and clarity are essential.
  • Appropriate Attire: Hostesses should dress decently, avoiding revealing clothing and inappropriate poses.

The income fluctuates depending on completing the task, there is no fixed income from Chamet. It is important to earn at least $10 which is the minimum amount you can withdraw. The more you go live the more you can earn.

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Once you become an official host under any agency. Hosts get paid directly by the app, you can withdraw your payment from Chamet daily, and the withdrawal amount must be more than $10. To withdraw payment go to ‘my earning from profile > withdraw button > Bind METWALLET / withdraw’. You can contact us if you are facing any problems with the withdrawal process. WhatsApp: +917065384660

  • Use a beautiful and good-quality profile picture to attract more callers.
  • Write attractive details in the Bio.
  • Fill in all information required to complete the profile.
  • Participating in PK and other daily tasks will increase earnings.
  • More viewers will get you more virtual gifts.