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Attractive female hosts are in high demand on the Chamet App. The best part? You can join without committing to regular streaming, and hosts are provided with a weekly beans target, guaranteeing a minimum earning of 1200 beans per minute. The earned beans are conveniently paid out daily.

Steps To Become Chamet Host

  1. Open Host Registration Link
  2. Verify your phone number / email
  3. Download Chamet app
  4. Login with verified number / email
  5. Complete face authentication:
    1. Click on ‘My Earnings’ from Profile options
    2. Cilick on ‘Withdraw‘ button
    3. Select ‘Face Verification‘ option and follow the process.
chamet host registration

How To Earn Money On Chamet

Chamet Settlement & Withdrawal

  • Chamet host can withdraw your earnings daily.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount = 10 USD
  • The withdrawn amount will instantly go to your bound Metwallet.
  • A hostess MUST pass face verification to withdraw payment.
  • Host must have a valid Metwallet account under her Chamet account before withdrawing salaries.
  • Chamet host salaries go directly to hostesses.
  • For Bahrain, agents will receive their host’s salaries and pay them separately.
chamet app earn money

Chamet Hostesses Rules

Certain violations will result in severe consequences, including banning the hostess from Chamet and confiscation of the agency’s commission. The following situations are strictly prohibited.

  1. Hosts are not allowed to create more than one account in Chamet.
  2. Switching agencies or joining a different agency is not allowed.
  3. Presenting nudity content during Live or Private video calls is prohibited.
  4. Hosts under 18 years old are not allowed.

Chamet Strandards for Hosts

We enforce Chamet Standards to govern hostess behavior. If they disregard these standards and warnings, they won’t be visible to callers until they correct their behavior:

  • Hostesses should use makeup or beautification in photos.
  • Hostesses should use their own photos.
  • High-definition photos with proper brightness are required.
  • Hostesses should dress decently, avoiding revealing clothing and vulgar postures.

How Much A Host Can Earn From Chamet ?

There are NO fixed incomes from Chamet, your incomes will purely depend on the targets you make. but you need at least $10 to cash out and may at least expect 50 $ per week only if you invest your time and effort on the app, the more you go live the more you earn.

What Benefit Will You Get By Registering Under Our Agency?

We are the most trusted agency and working since 2017 in live streaming industry, you possibly can get benefit from our experience and team, we give a joining bonus to each host who joins with us after you complete your 1st target. You may expect the best professionalism from us. Lastly, becoming a member of LH chamet agency is simply the beginning of our relationship, LH is the fastest-growing agency of talent management.

How Will I Get My Salary?

Once you become an official host under any agency. Hosts get paid directly by the app, you can withdraw your payment from Chamet on daily basis, withdrawal amount must by more than $10. To withdraw payment go to 'my earning from profile > withdraw button > bing met wallet / withdraw'. You con contact us if you are facing aby problem with withdrawal process. WhatsApp: +917065384660

How to earn more money on Chamet?

  • Use beautiful profile picture to attract more callers
  • Write attractive details in Bio
  • Fill in all information required to complete profile
  • When you gain many followers and gift senders play more PK with good competitions.
  • The more followers you gain, callers are more likely to pay higher call charges.

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