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Poppo Host Registration - Method : 1

  • Download Poppo App
  • Install & Register on Poppo App. 
  • Host Need To Click on ‘My Agent’ from Profile Options.
  • Enter Agent ID ‘263506’ & Apply To Join The Agency.
Poppo Host Registration

Poppo Host Registration - Method : 2

  • Download Poppo App
  • Install & Register on Poppo App. 
  • Find Your Poppo ID & Host Code
    • (To Find ID & Host Code Click on the ‘My Agent’ Option In your Profile.)
  • Submit the form with the correct details OR send us your Poppo ID & Host Code on Whatsapp +917065384660

Your Profile will get verified within 15-20 Minutes.

Poppo signup

Poppo Host Income

Conversion: 10000 points = 1 USD
Host Commission is 70%

Video Call Price Adjust

  • Price adjustment option is available if the video call is more than 5 times.
  • With the option of price adjustment, host can increase the price of call any time
  • The option is only available for the calls sent by male users directly. Other matched calls recommended by the platforms like Destiny Planet shall be settled.

How To Make Calls:

  • During Live/Party
    Choose “receive the calls” on the Live setting page so you can receive calls during Live/Party.
  • Private chat
    Users can make a video/voice call in private chat.
  • Receive calls
    The host will receive an incoming call notification when someone calls her.
Poppo live salary

Poppo Reward Income

Hourly Salary Reward:

  • Weekly host hourly salary reward around $100 – $300
  • Check the rewards section & level-up rules in your profile for detailed information.
  • The redemption period is in 24 hours, the host needs to claim rewards manually on the same day after tasks are achieved.

Host Ranking Rewards:

  • Host Live Ranking
  • Host Wish Ranking
  • Host Tips Ranking

Poppo Payment Withdrawal

  • 10000 points = 1 USD
  • The minimum Payment withdrawal is 10 USD, else amount will transfer to next week’s cycle.
  • The payment withdrawal amount should be multiple of 10 USD, the remaining amount will transfer to the next payment cycle.
  • The service charge is subject to the amount of the withdrawal deposit and the exchange rate; The amount is subject to the actual remittance.
  • The withdrawal amount will credit within 24 hours to your account.
Poppo live

How To Go Live

  1. Click on the Live button on Home Page
  2. Complete Face Authentication
  3. Upload A Live Cover Photo
  4. Click Live Now to Start Live

Note: Male hosts need to reach wealth level 10 to start live.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist