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Poppo 1v1 Video Calling App

Poppo App Host

Poppo is a social video calling application. Users can talk to strangers through video calls and live broadcast. Poppo is hiring female hosts between 18-35 years, who are good at entertainment or communication with strangers. If you want to become a Poppo official host please complete the following Poppo Host Registration Process.

There Are 2 Ways To Become Host On POPPO APP

Poppo Host Registration (Method: 1)

  1. Download Poppo App.
  2. Install & Register on Poppo App. (Prefer to register with Phone No.)
  3. Find Your Poppo ID & Host Code
    (To Find ID & Host Code Click on the ‘My Agent’ Option In your Profile.
  4. Submit the form with correct details OR send us your Poppo ID & Host Code on Whatsapp +918448877709

Your Profile will get verified within 15-20 Minutes.

become poppo app host

Poppo Host Registration (Method: 2)

  1. Download Poppo App.
  2. Install & Register on Poppo App. 
  3. Host Need To Click on ‘My Agent’ from Profile Options.
  4. Enter Agent ID ‘263506’ & Apply To Join The Agency.
Become Poppo Host

Poppo Host Income

Conversion: 10000 points = 1 USD

Host Commission is 70%

Video Chatting

1400-4200 points / minute

Voice Chatting

1400-4200 points / minute

Text Chatting

7 points / message


70% of gift cost & 40% for 1v1 match & private calls

Payment Withdrawal

  • 10000 points = 1 USD
  • The minimum Payment withdrawal is 10 USD, else amount will transfer to next week’s cycle.
  • The payment withdrawal amount should be multiple of 10 USD, the remaining amount will transfer to the next payment cycle.
  • The service charge is subject to the amount of the withdrawal deposit and the exchange rate; The amount is subject to the actual remittance.
  • The withdrawal amount will credit within 24 hours to your account.

Video Call Price Adjust

  • Price adjustment option is available if the video call is more than 5 times.
  • With the option of price adjustment, host can increase the price of call any time
  • The option is only available for the calls sent by male users directly. Other matched calls recommended by the platforms like Destiny Planet shall be settled 

How To Make Calls:

  • During Live/Party
    Choose “receive the calls” on the Live setting page so you can receive calls during Live/Party.
  • Private chat
    Users can make a video/voice call in private chat.
  • Receive calls
    The host will receive an incoming call notification when someone call her.

Poppo Reward Income

Hourly Salary Reward:

  • Weekly host hourly salary reward around $100 – $300
  • Check the rewards section & level-up rules in your profile for detailed information.
  • The redemption period is in 24 hours, the host needs to claim rewards manually on the same day after tasks are achieved.

Host Ranking Rewards:

  • Host Live Ranking
  • Host Wish Ranking
  • Host Tips Ranking

How To Go Live

  1. Click on the Live button on Home Page
  2. Complete Face Authentication
  3. Upload A Live Cover Photo
  4. Click Live Now to Start Live
Poppo Live