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Niki Live: Host Registration

Niki Live opens doors for vibrant individuals to become hosts, connecting with new people through engaging video calls and live streaming. Aspiring hosts, especially talented females, can kickstart their journey by registering on Niki Live. Follow these steps for seamless Niki Live host registration.

Becoming a Niki Live Host

  1. Install and register on Niki App.
  2. Find Your Niki ID
  3. Submit the form OR send us your Niki ID on Whatsapp At +917065384660
  4. LH agency will send Agent joining request.
  5. You will find Agency Request in Niki App messages.
  6. Accept the request.

Earning Opportunities as a Niki Live Host

Niki Live provides a myriad of ways for hosts to earn on the platform:

  1. Conversion: Earn 1 USD for every 10,000 beans.
  2. Live Streaming: Engage your audience through captivating live streams.
  3. Gifts Sharing: Receive gifts from your viewers.
  4. Host & Basic Tasks: Perform various hosting tasks.
  5. Video Chat: Connect with your audience via video calls.
  6. Audio Chat: Enhance interaction through audio chats.

Hosts have the flexibility to adjust their chat prices according to their preferences, maximizing their earnings potential.

Niki App Settlement Rules

Understanding the Niki App settlement rules is crucial for hosts looking to cash in their earnings:

  • Settlement Cycle: Withdrawals are processed from Tuesday to Monday, with payments transferred the following Thursday.
  • Settlement Criteria:
    • Minimum withdrawal: 10 USD (equivalent to 1,00,000 beans).
    • For withdrawals below $100, receive 10,000 coins every 24 hours.
    • Withdrawals between $100-$499 yield 30,000 coins per 24 hours.
    • Withdrawals exceeding $500 result in a payout of 50,000 coins per 24 hours.
    • Service charges are contingent on the withdrawal amount and exchange rate.
    • Withdrawal amounts are credited within 24 hours to your account.


Niki Live empowers hosts to turn their charisma into currency. Whether you’re seeking thrilling live streaming experiences or a substantial salary through Niki Live, the platform offers a host of opportunities. Explore your potential and start your journey today as a Niki Live host.

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