What Is PureChat App?

PureChat app is a video calling app where you can connect to foreigners through audio, video and text chat. You can make friends from different countries using PureChat. It is specially designed to learn new languages by connecting foreigners but, it is also use to make new friends across world. A bunch of streaming girls will appear on your home screen, just click and instantly connect with girl from any country and region.

One of the main feature of PureChat is that if someone talking to you in a language you don’t understand then you can convert that text chat into any other language. PueChat is perfect application to search a friend for outing, dating, movie, or to practice some skills, This app can help you finding the right buddy according to your interest.

How To Use PureChat App?

The Location and language filter may help you best in search of right partner beside, that interest filter may also help targeting some similar interest person. Make you chats more intense and meaningful by sharing your throughs and ideas as there is no one else to judge you on PureChat private video calls. Privacy of calls and videos are main priority of the company. All user profiles are fully protected as no one can take screenshots and record screen while talking to you.

People on PureChat app are friendly and open for any conversation, No fake people can survive on the platform as they can be banned easily by simple reporting too.

You can find people immediately who are available for video calls so you don’t need to wait for hours and days to seek a reply from the person you want to connect and also you can switch chat anytime with other person.

PureChat App - Video Call

How to earn With PureChat App?

Just like any other video calling or streaming application PureChat also pay its hosts for doing live calls with strangers. Beautiful girls all around the world are available on this app to talk to users they entertain callers for few minutes and get paid for the same. PureChat is commonly use for language learning as if you are good at teaching language this platform is perfect for you to make a handsome salary.

Callers who connect to hosts have to pay some amount to chitchat with broadcaster. They need to recharge their account first and as long they talk to person the higher amount they pay. Also while talking to hosts if caller is impressed and want to appreciate the hosts they can send coins to the hosts which count in the payment of hosts.

You don’t need to be famous and talented for PureChat as required on any other application, The wages are totally depend on your communication skills. The payment are very fast as they pay for every week performance and if you perform really well you can also get extra bonus from the company.

PureChat Video Host Salary Chart

PureChat Host Salary Chart

How Much Hosts Can earn with PureChat App?

A broadcaster need to get registered as an official host to be a salaried broadcaster. If You want to get registered as an official host on PureChat just send your details from here. Our Talent Manager will get your Hosting Approved.

There are targets set by company for hosts to achieve in a particular period of time. The targets are basically the amount of coins send by the caller while interacting with the hosts.

A minimum weekly coins target is 2000 which has to be achieve to survive on the application. So far they have Biweekly and monthly targets too.

Once a host complete target between Monday to Sunday they get their payment in their account on next Monday according to the coins they received.

But there are guidelines for hosts that they have to work on application once registered as if they fail to achieve their target 3 times their ID will get banned under inactive host section.

Also It is mandatory for hosts to always be on camera and show their face properly. Not any other person is allowed to be on screen except the registered host and they cannot use black screen while being on call. Purechat moderator can connect to any host any time if they find such activity they will ban the user immediately.

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