Welcome to ZeepLive, the revolutionary 1v1 video calling application that sets itself apart with a unique self-withdrawal feature for hosts and agencies. As you embark on your journey with ZeepLive, let’s explore the seamless Agency Registration process and the incredible opportunities it unlocks for you.
The platform offers not only enticing agency commissions but also provides the flexibility to recruit sub-agents, thus maximizing your weekly revenue potential. Agencies can start earning commissions from as low as $10.

Agency Registration Process

Embark on your ZeepLive journey by following these simple steps in the Agency Registration process:

  1. Click on the Agency Registration Link.
  2. Create a unique Agency name.
  3. Enter your Email ID.
  4. Create a secure password.
  5. Verify your Mobile Number through OTP.
  6. Login to your personalized Agency Dashboard.

ZeepLive Agency Earning

Unlock your earning potential with ZeepLive’s competitive commission ratios from both hosts and sub-agents. Your commission ratio is directly linked to the total weekly earnings of your hostesses and sub-agents. Refer to the detailed insights in the chart below for a comprehensive understanding.


Your commission ratio from hosts is tied to their weekly earnings. The more your hostesses earn, the higher your commission ratio climbs.


Similarly, your commission ratio from sub-agents is contingent on their income. Understand this crucial aspect by reviewing the chart below.


Visualize the earning potential with a practical example. If Agency A has sub-agencies B and C with varying earnings, the commission calculation is as follows:

Commission of B Sub-Agency: 20% of $750 = $150 Commission of A Agency: 10% of $150 = $15

For C:

Commission of C Sub-Agency: 22% of $4000 = $880 Commission of A Agency: 15% of $880 = $132 Total Commission of A Agency: $15 + $132 = $147

Zeeplive Payment Method

Learn about the convenient payment methods ZeepLive offers for both Indian and outsider agencies and hosts. Indian host payments are directly transferred to their bank accounts, while agencies and hosts outside India can receive payments via E-pay, with bank transfers available in specific conditions.


Facilitate seamless transactions by adding your preferred payment method through these easy steps on your ZeepLive Agency Dashboard:

  1. Open ZeepLive Agency Dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Add Bank Account.’
  3. Choose any payment method and submit your details.

How to Add Hosts

Expand your agency by adding hosts to your profile. Follow these steps on your Agency Dashboard:

  1. Open Agency Dashboard
  2. Go to Host Profiles From Member List
  3. Click on ‘Add Female
  4. Enter Host Name
  5. Enter Host Mobile Number & Get OTP
  6. Enter OTP & Save Host profile to Add.
  7. In Female Profile List You can find Email & Password
  8. Send it to Your Host & Tell Them To Login Using This ID Password

How to Add Sub-agent

Grow your agency network by adding sub-agents. Use these steps on your Agency Dashboard:

  1. Open Agency Dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Click here‘ button to copy Sub-Agency Invitation Link
  3. Send link to your sub-agent and tell them to register through your link.