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  1. Click on Agency Registration Link
  2. Create Agency name, Enter your Email ID, Create Password and Verify Mobile Number through OTP.
  3. Login To Agency Dashboard
register zeeplive agency


Commission Ratio From Hosts:

  • Your commission ratio depends on the total weekly earnings of your hostesses, the more your hostesses earn the more your commission ratio will increase. See the chart below to know the details.

Commission Ration From Sub-Agents:

  •  Your commission ration depends upon the income of your sub agent. Refer to the chart below for better understanding.
  • For Example: If A agency has a 2 sub agency then if B earns 750$ and C has 4000$ B’s earning agency commission.
    • Agency Commission of earning of B
      Commission of B Sub Agency – 20% of 750$ = 150$
      Commission of A Agency – 10% of 150$ = 15$
    • Agency Commission of earning of C
      Commission of C Sub Agency – 22% of 4000$ = 880$
      Commission of A Agency – 15% of 880$ = 132$
      Total Commission of A Agency = 15$+132$ = 147$
zeeplive agency commission


Indian Agency and Host Payment :-

  • Indian Host payment will be done directly in the bank account. The host can add his account by going to the Earning section. The agency will also have to go to its panel and add the bank account.
  • In India, the payment of the host will be received by the host and payment of the agency will be received by agency .

Outsider Agency and Host Payments :-

  • The agency and host who is outsider of India will be given money through E pay. Payment can also be given through bank transfer in certain conditions.
  • Outsider Agency and Host from “Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Morocco, Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Nigeria, Peru, Thailand, Italy, UAE, Nepal, Argentina, Egypt” can get payment in bank account through Epay.

Add Payment Method

  1. Open ZeepLive Agency Dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Add Bank Account’
  3. Click ‘Bind New Account’
  4. Choose Any Payment Method & Submit Your Details.
withdraw zeeplive payment


  1. Open Agency Dashboard
  2. Go to Host Profiles From Member List
  3. Click on ‘Add Female
  4. Enter Host Name
  5. Enter Host Mobile Number & Get OTP
  6. Enter OTP & Save Host profile to Add.
  7. In Female Profile List You can find Email & Password
  8. Send it to Your Host & Tell Them To Login Using This ID Password
add host in zeeplive


  1. Open Agency Dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Click here‘ button to copy Sub-Agency Invitation Link
  3. Send link to your sub-agent and tell them to register through your link.
start zeeplive agency

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