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Register Olamet Agency

Olamet Host Salary

  • Female hosts on Olamet earn “beans” through video calls and receiving gifts.
  • The hostess receives 60% of the value of the gifts she gets.
  • Video call prices vary from 1,800 beans/minute to 26,000 beans/minute.
  • Hostesses can set their own prices for video calls based on what they think the caller can afford.
  • In addition to video calls, hosts can accumulate beans by receiving gifts.

Withdrawal & Payment Guidelines:

  • Make sure you have earned more than $10 to withdraw money. If you earn less than $10 in a week, it will be added to the next week’s payment.
  • Withdrawal amounts must be in multiples of $10. If there’s any remaining amount, it will be added to the next payment cycle.
  • The payment cycle is from Monday to Sunday. Payments are processed every Monday at 10 AM (UTC +7).
  • Your earnings will be deposited into your withdrawal account every Monday.
  • Olamet offers various withdrawal options like Gcash, USDT, Epay, easypaisa, depending on your region. Choose the one that suits you best.

Female Host Rules:

  • Do not create more than one account.
  • Avoid showing explicit content or pornography in public live broadcasts.
  • Do not impersonate an agent or allow anyone to persuade you to have your own agent on Olamet.
  • Ensure that your age is not below 18 years.

Female Host Rules for Avatar:

  • Wear makeup and present yourself in a beautiful manner in your photo.
  • Use your own photo; avoid using images of someone else.
  • Ensure that your photo is in high definition with proper brightness.
  • Choose a photo with a nice and clean background.
  • Display a half-body photo and dress appropriately in your chosen attire.

Respond Time
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