Become a WOW App Agency

About WOW App

Are you interested in becoming WOW App Agency? Discover the ins and outs of the WOW App, the registration process, commission structures, and more in the sections below.

WOW stands as a globally acclaimed 1-1 video calling platform, empowering hosts to earn through video calls and receive gifts. As we extend our influence across the globe, we actively seek agencies to recruit beautiful female hosts. Regardless of your location, this is your chance to be part of an exciting opportunity.

WOW App Agency Registration Process

Ready to register your agency? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Agency Registration Link.
  2. Create a unique Agency Name.
  3. Choose your Country.
  4. Enter your WhatsApp Number and Email Address, then click the Send button.
  5. Enter the Verification Code and click the Join Now button.
  6. After submission, you will receive an email containing all your agency information.
  7. Log in to your agency dashboard with your agency information and update your password.
  8. For any queries, contact us on Whatspp At +917065384660

Commission with WOW Agency

Understanding the commission structure is vital:

  • Hosts must accumulate a minimum of $10 for the agency to receive a commission.
  • The maximum agency commission stands at 30%.
  • Upper agents earn a 10% commission from their sub-agency’s income.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $5, with withdrawal methods including Bank, PayPal, and Gcash.

Binding Hosts to Your Agency

To connect hosts with your agency, share your agency ID and guide them to input it during authentication.

Inviting Sub-Agents

Expand your network by inviting sub-agents:

  1. Open your agency dashboard.
  2. Share your sub-agent invitation link found on the dashboard.
  3. Encourage them to register with your agency to earn commissions from their income.

Agency Requirements

To ensure success, every agency should:

  • Invite a minimum of 5 active female hosts.
  • Effectively manage and monitor the performance of hired hosts.
  • Provide instant feedback on host performance to receive prompt solutions.

Join WOW App Agency today and embark on an exciting journey filled with opportunities and rewards!