Honeycam Agency Registration

About HoneyCam Agency

Welcome to HoneyCam, the premier 1v1 video calling platform that’s always on the lookout for dedicated agents to expand our community of talented female hosts. With over 2000 agents and 100,000+ hosts already on board, HoneyCam offers lucrative opportunities. As an agent, your task is to recruit a minimum of 10 active hosts within your first two weeks and help them reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

HoneyCam Agency Registration Process

  1. Download HoneyCam App
  2. Register & Create An Account
  3. Click Here To Register Agency
    (Create Agency Name, Real Name, Verify HoneyCam ID, Email ID)

OR Submit Form & Wait for Confirmation on WhatsApp


Join us and become a part of HoneyCam’s global network. All agents, regardless of location, are invited to join our thriving community. Keep in mind that only female hosts are allowed on our platform.

Key Information for Agents:
Minimum Withdrawal: $10
Requirement: Recruit a minimum of 10 active hosts

Commission Structure at HoneyCam Agency

At HoneyCam, we believe in rewarding both hosts and agents. Here’s an overview of our commission system:

Coin Value: 10000 coins = 1 USD
Bonus: Both hosts and agencies receive bonuses. An estimated 7-minute call can earn you $1.

Earning Opportunities for Hosts:
Hosts can accumulate coins through video calls or gifts, and they have the flexibility to set their own prices. Gift rewards are based on the weekly gift revenue, ranging from 70000 to 3750000 coins.

Agency Commission Ratio:
The agency’s commission ratio is determined by the total revenue generated by hosts under the agency. It’s a dynamic system that rewards your efforts


  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10
  • Weekly Withdrawal Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Withdrawal Methods: Epay & Bank Transfer

To withdraw, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Tandoo app
  2. Click on Profile > My Income
  3. Choose Country & Withdrawal Method
  4. Fill in Account Details

Note: Agencies are responsible for distributing payments to their hosts.

Adding Hosts to Your Agency

Follow these steps to expand your agency:

  1. Instruct hosts to download the HoneyCam app.
  2. Guide hosts in creating a female account.
  3. Instruct hosts to go to their app profile > settings > Join in the studio.
  4. Provide your Agency ID and submit.

Join HoneyCam Agency today and be a part of a rewarding community that values your dedication and success.