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How To Become MateMet Agent

  1. Click on >agency registration link<
  2. Create unique username
  3. Create password & confirm password
  4. Create agency name
  5. Enter your mobile number & verify through OTP
Matemet agency registration

MateMet Agent Login

  1. Click on dashboard link: https://agent.rmatemet.com/#/login
  2. Enter your username & password
  3. Don’t forget to bind your Met Wallet using Bind Wallet button
  4. Agency can check host’s list
matemet agency login

Matemet Salary & Commission

Hostesses will get 800 beans / minute for both random match & private calls

Agents will get minimum 10% of total weekly earning of hosts

How to Add Hosts In Matemet Agency?

There are 2 ways to add hosts in Matemet agency:-

1. Host Registration Process through Link

  1. Copy the ‘Invitation link for Matemet hostesses’ from dashboard
  2. Share link with your host
  3. Let them verify their mobile number through the link
  4. Let Host Download Matemet App
  5. Sign-in using the verified mobile number
  6. Hosts has to complete the profile details.
matemet host registration

2. Register hosts manually with Matemet ID

If your host already has a Matemet account but didn’t join any agency yet, you can follow the method mentioned below:

  1. Tell your host to bind mobile number in their profile
  2. Get host Matemet ID & Mobile number
  3. Open agency dashboard menu
  4. Click on member list > Hostess list
  5. Click ‘Add’ button of blue collar
  6. Enter host ID & mobile number and submit to add in your agency.
add hosts in matemet agency

About Matemet App

Matemet is a mobile application that enables users to have video chats with people from around the world. It functions as a social networking platform where users can connect and interact through live video calls.

Matemet utilizes a random matching system, allowing users to initiate video chats with individuals they have never met before. Once connected, users can engage in conversations, make new friends, and potentially build meaningful connections with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Matemet Agency Rules

  1. Chamet agents are not required to register Matemet agency, they can login with chalet username & password.
  2. One host can create only one account, if any host create more than 1 account her account may get banned permanently.
  3. Hosts has to respond politely and properly with users
  4. No pornography and vulgar content on app.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist