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vone app agency registration

Vone Agency Earning

Points value: 10000 points = $1

Hosts receive 70% of the gift value sent by users.

The withdrawal amount must be in multiple of 10.

Vone allows agents to earn money by recruiting hosts and inviting agents. Vone agent commission Strat with 4% & goes upto 20%. The commission ratio depends upon the last 30 day’s total hosts earning and the invited agent’s hosts earning. The more your invited agents and hosts earn your commission ratio will increase according to the chart below.

Commission from Hosts:
Current agency commission ration x host earning in real time

Commission from invited agents:
( Current commission ratio – invited agent commission ratio ) x total host earning under sub agents

Note: host daily reward, weekly reward and task rewards earning will not consider for agency commission.

Vone Payment Withdraw Method

Vone is a self-withdrawal application, host and agents both get their payment in form of points within the app wallet. Vone has multiple payment withdrawal method you can choose any suitable according to your convenience. E-Pay, USDT & Bank account transfer are options to transfer your coin for money. 

Minimum withdrawal amount is $10, You can withdraw payment on daily basis also.

E-Pay is recommended method for withthdrawal as their transfer fee is very minimal. You can create your E-pay account by >>clicking here<<

How To Add Host in Vone App

Vone app has 2 process for agencies to add hosts. Agents and hosts can follow any one process for Vone host registration.

Join Host With Agency ID (method 1)

  1. Host need to download Vone App
  2. Host will create Vone account
  3. Select My agency option from profile options
  4. Let host enter agency ID & Submit to join agency

Add Host With Host ID & Host Code (method 2)

  1. Agency need to open Agent option from profile
  2. Select add host
  3. Enter host ID & code (host can find host id & code in their my agency option)
  4. Send host agency request.
  5. Host has to approve agency request from Vone app messages to join agency.

How To Invite Vone Agency

Agencies on One can invite more agents to boost their earning & commission ratio. You can follow the steps to invite agents:

  1. Select agent option from profile
  2. Tap on Invite agent
  3. Copy link & share with agency you want to invite
  4. Let them verify their Vone profile with your link
  5. Once they complete registration, their id will reflect in your invited agent list.

Vone Agency Requirements

  1. Agency must add minimum active hosts.
  2. Agency shall be in touch with every host working under their agency & solve their queries timely.
  3. Agencies are not allowed to recruit hosts working already on Vone with other agencies.
  4. Agent account must be active on Vone live app.

Vone Agency Rules

  1. Agents are not allowed to promote any other app / platform on Vone app.
  2. All hosts must be at least 18 year old.
  3. Any rule violation may result in penalty or account ban.
  4. Agents can’t charge more than 5% from hosts for salary transfer service.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist