How 17 Live Streaming App Work?

17 Live always focus on their streamers and their content, the moderation is very sensitive about their content. Unlike other applications 17 Live also let hosts to recruit people under them and earn extra money with it and there is no additional contract for the same. It help hosts to focus more on application and motivate to achieve their targets. They only focus to hire talented people who deserve to be a part of this great platform as quality of content is one of main priority.

Become 17 Live Host

A host need to get contracted with 17 Media, only the contracted hosts will appear on the hot page, this is just to make sure that streamer is giving high quality content and talent on this app, so viewers are guaranteed to get good stream in if they watch any top streamer. I would suggest you to signup and use 17 Live app first before getting contracted as you can checkout and explore apps functionalities and features.

17 live host salary

Become Successful Streamer On 17 Live App

Use instagram username

Always make your username same as your username on any other social media platform (Instagram, Snapchat, etc). It will help people to search you on other platforms if you ask your viewers to follow you on any other social media. Rather than telling viewers your id again and again on streaming its better to just copy and paste your user name from the app directly.

Good streaming setup

Streaming is all about running live and engaging people with your video. To start streaming you need to make sure your lighting is perfect so everything is looking vibrant and clear on the camera.

You must use a phone stand or tripod to hold your phone, it is annoying when you see some streamers holding their phone in hand as it looks unprofessional too.

Keep a beautiful background on camera as it shouldn’t look messy as i have seen some awesome setups of streamers they just look like a studio

and last but not least your audio quality must be good as it depends on your internet connection, your surrounding sounds and on the device you are using.

theme of the stream

Always have a theme for your streaming content, you always have something to talk to your viewers initially enter your broad. having a theme will always help you initiate conversation rather than waiting for viewers to start the conversation. Once you start interacting just go with the flow with the chat and follow up the viewers comment and add on some of your ideas wherever it goes.

stream title

Always use an interesting title for your streaming as it will appear in notification box of your followers and you are allowed to use 2 hashtags, basically they must reflect your live streaming content and the event that you are running to. Never forget to choose an event as it help pushing your broad to run in the top section.

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