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Bigo Tv - Leading Live Streaming App

Bigo TV – an entertainment platform from Singapore which is purely based on live streaming has now planning to recruit more talented hosts globally, They are hiring official broadcasters on a large scale with the help of their Business Development team and Recruitment agencies. Their estimated budget to recruit almost double the streamers on Bigo Tv is $200 million in 2020. Recently It got banned in India, which is already one of the biggest market for them Bigo team is trying very hard to resume bigo tv very soon in India. Is is assumed that Bigo has target to contract with 100k talented users in 2020.

Bigo TV already have more than 50K official streamers across the globe whom they pay and numbers are increasing on daily basis, it is increased even more after covid 19 hit the world as many people lost their job and searching for opportunities to earn from home. Users are allowed to upload short video and pictures with Live streaming on Bigo Tv to reach out to bigger audience and gain more followers.

Bigo Live is executing new plans and strategies to help popular and talented creator in their career objectives. They will organize some event or auditions for creators and lead them to move to big screen works. As creators already have a huge fan following on Bigo Tv it would also push them to become a tv star easily.

Creators are so much connected to the platform as they find bigo tv is actually helping them in achieving their career goals and in the meantime opportunity to earn through the platforms. Talented hosts earn an average of $1000 every month, Most of the money is paid by Bigo to its hosts on achieving some target and some money creators earn through their fans and supporters on the application.  bigo has spent around $100 million on its official hosts as a salary in 2020. Bigo has a large offices & setup with employees between 150-500 in every country where they work, where whole team work to find out new talent and recruitment agencies with enough sources who can help them achieve their objectives. There are multiple amazing features that hold users to use bigo tv for a longer term like; royalty badges, ranking stages, Live house, treasure box, host battles, in app games, etc.

Is Bigo Tv Biggest Platform For Streaming?

No doubt Bigo Live is Fastest growing and biggest platform in world which provide facility of video streaming to live and broadcast their moment with realtime audience anytime anywhere. We have analyzed some interesting details and statistics about bigo tv.
Bigo Live Application launched by Bigo Tv Technology in 2016
Founder David Xueling Li setup its head office in Singapore.
Bigo Live parent company is YY and their other products are also very famous; IMO & Likee.
Bigo Live has 400+ million users across 150 countries.
YY the parent companies has paid 2.1 billion dollars to purchase bigo tv.
Bigo Live has 36.6 million active users on platform.

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Amazing Features Of Bigo Tv

Users can connect to the world through live broadcasting, show their talent on camera and get appreciated by the live audience. There are many Singers, dancers, actors, comedians and tutors have joined bigo tv officially and showing off their talent to gain fans, followers and extra income.

Watch Live Broadcasts

A huge audience is available on app to watch streamers talent. They are allowed to talk to the hosts through text, audio calls and video calls. Viewers can also send gifts as an appreciation of broadcaster’s talent.

Private Video Calls and Chat

Hosts can share their private broads to their friends and followers to live their moment in personal.
Bigo tv allow upto 9 people to join video chat at a time through their group chat functionality.
Users can find out nearby users and live streamings, one can meet and be friends with people in their near by location. there are other filters available to search users such as; country, language, new host and many more.

Voice Call and Chat

Bigo tv allowed users to talk on audio calls too as many users as many concerned about their identity on the application.
Many official hosts contract with bigo as audio host where they can talk, sing & chat with the live people without showing their face.

Through PK battle one user can challenge others on live streaming, where whoever get more gifts will the battle and allowed to force a friendly penalty on losing streamer.


All users on the platform can upload their video clips in their profile which is visible to all and some show up in trending section too. This feature help alot to gain followers on platform.

Gaming Broads

Bigo have a separate section for gamers, they can also become a contracted streamer with bigo tv but their payout is bit different with video streamers. There are many games that can be played on bigo suchas; PUBG, GTA, Fortnite and many more.

User Reviews On Bigo Tv

Bigo Tv streaming application is helping a great deal of introvert behavior or unknown individuals to uncover their enthusiasm, trustworthiness, their class, creative mind, ability, singing, moving, acting, excellence and different realities about them and easily catch the eye of a large number of worldwide audience in a split second due to its fame.

Bigo Tv lets users find astonishing people from around the globe and encourages them a ton for making friendships. Users can immediately begin live visiting with a some of fans and every one of streamer’s companions and furthermore appreciate streams from hot darlings from around the world. More than this, a lot of worldwide people are very upbeat for putting their cash into its help and are meeting a great deal of stunning people immediately.

Being a gamer, I incline toward such an incredible platform which is acclaimed for streaming of various games for me, for example, LOL, PUBG, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and so on. At Bigo Tv, I can get different kinds of endowments, look for additional followers, become a star, and win loads of cash rapidly. Such a spot lets me make some free Live Video calls and Video talks by sending an Invite to my followers. I am additionally fit for making bunch video calls with up to nine users living in multi guest broad.

There are many more amazing reviews you can check on play store / app store.