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Buzzcast Host Registration

  1. Download Buzzcast App
  2. Create Account On BuzzCast
  3. Select ‘MY LIVE‘ option from profile
  4. Choose ‘CONTRACT‘ button
  6. Fill ‘10669‘ in Agency ID & Apply for contract.
  7. Complete Profile & Submit Contract
  8. Fill the form below OR send your BuzzCast ID on WhatsApp +918448877709
become buzzcast host

Buzzcast Host Target & Salary

  • Host Bonus should reach the level by all three targets simultaneously: BCOINS, Valid Days, Valid Hours.
  • Host will receive the Level of Host Bonus when all three targets are met a month.
  • If the BCOINS target is reached, but the minimum Valid Days target or minimum Valid Hourst arget is not reached, host will not receive any Host Bonus that

    200 BCOIN = 1 USD

    Level *E is only for new host who can get this benefit in the month and next month of signing to be the official host.

    Valid Hour: When a live broadcast lasts for more than 20mins, it will be regarded as the valid live minutes, 60 valid minutes make an hour.

    Valid Day: If the total valid live minutes reaches 1 hour on that day, it can be regarded as a valid day.

BuzzCast New Host Benefits

Minimum duration requirements for new hosts:

  • Contracted between 1st -14th at the first month, the minimum duration requirement is 15 valid days & 30 valid hours.
  • Contracted between 15th – 23rd at the first month, the minimum duration requirement is 7 valid days & 14 valid hours
  • Contracted After 24 th( including 24 th), No Time Requirement, meet level E or above get half salary( Agentsgethalf salary too)
  • Normal salary requirements will be resumed in the next month (need to meet level D or above).

It must be the first time to sign a contract as an official anchor on BC platform, without any official signing or termination record.

Buzzcast Host Rules

  • The cover of the live broadcast profile requires a nice picture of the face of the broadcaster. Depending on the changing theme of event, the cover of the broadcast may need to match the platform’s requirements sometimes
  • Make sure the broadcasting background is clean, tidy, and in good light;Interact with users during live streaming;
  • Participate in Game Event and PK online organized by platform at least twice a month.
  • 3%of host bonus will be deducted when item 3 is not completed. When host do not cooperate with platform to

Buzzcast Payment Method

  • Gifts (Bcoins) received from users will be paid once a week by cashout from APP (exchange rate:1$=200Bcoins).
  • Bonus will be paid by Bcoins (USD equivalent) on the 15th of each month, which could cash out to PayPal / Payonner account ( exchange rate: 1$ = 200 Bcoins).
  • BuzzCast will recover the amount from the streamer in case of a chargeback or refund.

Respond Time
10 am to 6 pm ist