Buzzcast Host Registration

How To Make Money On Buzzcast

BuzzCast, a leading live video streaming app in the USA, is actively seeking talented live streaming hosts to entertain a global audience and earn bonus income.
If you’re passionate about live streaming, BuzzCast is the platform for you! We’re currently hiring quality streamers from all countries. However, we have some ground rules: no smoking, no nudity, no adult content, and definitely no underage participants.

Buzzcast Host Registration

For any assistance, feel free to fill out the form below or contact us on Whatsapp At +917065384660

BuzzCast Host Targets & Salaries

  • Host bonuses are determined by reaching three targets simultaneously: BCOINS, Valid Days, and Valid Hours.
  • Host will receive the Level of Host Bonus when all three targets are met a month.
  • If the BCOINS target is reached, but the minimum Valid Days target or minimum Valid Hourst arget is not reached, host will not receive any Host Bonus that

    200 BCOIN = 1 USD

    Level *E is only for new host who can get this benefit in the month and next month of signing to be the official host.

    Valid Hour: When a live broadcast lasts for more than 20mins, it will be regarded as the valid live minutes, 60 valid minutes make an hour.

    Valid Day: If the total valid live minutes reaches 1 hour on that day, it can be regarded as a valid day.


New hosts enjoy special benefits based on their sign-up date:

  • Contracted 1st-14th: Minimum 15 valid days & 30 valid hours
  • Contracted 15th–23rd: Minimum 7 valid days & 14 valid hours
  • Contracted after 24th: No time requirement; Level E or above get half salary

Note: Level D or above is required for normal salary requirements in the next month.

Definition of a New Host: First-time official anchor on BC platform without any previous signing or termination record.

BuzzCast Host Rules for Success

  • Profile Picture: A clear picture of the broadcaster’s face is a must.
  • Broadcast Background: Keep it clean, tidy, and well-lit.
  • Interaction: Engage with users during live streaming.
  • Events Participation: Join Game Events and PK online at least twice a month.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in a 3% deduction from the host bonus.

Buzzcast Payment Method

  • Gifts (BCOINS): Weekly cashout from the app (exchange rate: 1$=200 BCOINS).
  • Bonus Payment: On the 15th of each month, paid in BCOINS (USD equivalent), cashable to PayPal/Payoneer (exchange rate: 1$ = 200 BCOINS).

Please note: BuzzCast reserves the right to recover amounts in case of chargebacks or refunds.

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