Nationality – Any
Gender – Female

Hostesses earn beans by video calls and gifts. the earning of their video calls range from 1200 beans/min to 4800 beans/min. A hostess can set any price in between this range. moreover hostess can also earn the beans by recieving gifts, which has different values of beans.

10000 beans = 1 USD

Chamet video calling app pay the salary to payoneer account every thursday. you have to do nothing. Chamet deduct the beans from hostesses account and add payment to payoneer account.

The cashout amount must be >$10 and the hostess should earn at least 1200 beans (1 min) to activate her account.

Hostess can’t register more than 1 account on Chamet.
Pornography content during public live (no limit during private call)

Hostess should be 18+

Poster Standard:
Hostess should upload photo of themselves.
Photo should be in HD Use Half length photo & Record a voice self introduction.

Live Standard:
Keep your Face in Camera.
Bright Surrounding
Should not lie down during live stream.


Become Chamet Video Calling App Host Recruiter
Join Chamet Video Chat App which connect people with different culture background to make chat borderless. Chamet’s daily active users are around 100000.

Commission ratio od agencies is floating according to the total weekly revenue of an agency. Revenue made up on 2 parts.
1. total weekly earning of hostesses.
2. total weekly revenue of all sub agencies.

Commission Ration of Agencies.
0% on <150 USD
5% on 150 USD
10% on 500 USD
15% on 1500 USD
20% on >5000 USD

Total earning will be corresponding ratio *total weekly earning of all of your hostesses. & your commission fee from each sub agent. (your commission ration – your sub agenct commission ratio) Sum of both is agency commission. The time of payment settlement is every sunday at 23.59 (UTC+8)