Social Media Influencer Jobs


Being A Professional Influencer

In recent years the word “influencer” has become very fashionable among marketing and communication professionals.

An influencer is a person who has a certain credibility on a specific topic. In addition, due to his presence and influence on social networks, he?she can work as a promotor or representative for a brand.

Influencers job is to simply obey brands orders by publishing their products on their social networks. Nor do they exist to solve brand’s communication problems.

A true influencer has values. He/she is aware of which brands they connect with and which ones they does not. A brand should respect the values ​​of influencers if they want to establish a fruitful working relationship. In that respect brands should include that influencer could even maintain full control of their products.


Behind Influencer Marketing there should always be a strategy with well-defined objectives, taking into account that its main contributions are:

1. Influencer work SEO through their blogging and link building presence.
2. They bring traffic to brand’s website.
3. Increase brand consideration.
4. The most important job is to coherence that exists between the influencer and the brand that we want to promote. Brands will offer job to influencer’s only when the influencer’s values ​​align with the values ​​of brand.



Influencers are people who put a face to brands. They are the users who break the traditional barrier between advertisers and consumers in the media. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, it should be noted that influencers can represent a brand, and they take it as a job and they will not promote anything that does not fit in their own niches or value.


These are people who were already known before social networks or who are independent of social networks. They have their own communication channels and extrapolate their fame in real life to social networks and vice versa.

Influencers and celebrities are two very useful types of users for marketing agencies, Brands are very careful with their management and try to create a two-way relationship, both with influencers and celebrities, in which all parties benefit.


Above all, brands know that influencers are also people. The main elements they think about when offering job to influencers are:

  • Collaborations with influencer must always add value to the user.
  • It is not only about selling product, but about openly showing a collaboration between brand and influencer because brands not only like their work, but also care about them.
  • We as agencies can also contribute our values to influencers.
  • Influencers are also interested in their ecosystem: who they follow and who they don’t.
  • The relationship that brands establish with the influencers is natural. Thus, the influencer’s followers on social networks will also see it and understand that it is an honest relationship. It is very likely that influencer end up asking about the product in question because they will naturally see that relationship between the person and the brand.
  • Although influencers will publish the agreed post of a product or service, it is very likely that brands/influencer will receive positive and negative private messages from people interested in what you advertise. In both cases, brands should support the influencer and be available so that they could answer any questions when responding to messages. Along these lines, agencies should prepare a briefing so that influencers know in advance not only how to respond, but also what messages the brand wants to convey
  • Brands must respect the influencers’ codes and not impose words or languages on them that have nothing to do with the person behind their YouTube account or Instagram profile. His/her feed on social networks indicates who they are and for that reason influencer has the followers they have, but if brands introduce changes in languages, postures or photographs, the followers will realize that who speaks to them is not whom they follow, but the brand behind them
  • it should be noted that influencers are doing job with new work model that has come to stay. It is no longer about the advertising agency paying and therefore having the right to order, but it is about creating a collaborative ecosystem because the common goal (of brands and influencers) is to create a better world.


Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity and increasingly occupies a larger share of the advertising budgets of more companies, especially those related to fashion, beauty and travel. Companies seek in these girls / boys the reference for their audience and their way of communicating the values ​​of a brand or product. The data is overwhelming, today more than 80% of marketing consultants admit that collaboration with influencers is very effective in improving the positioning of their brands.


Companies use agencies and platforms to hire influencers for their digital marketing campaigns. The platforms are a link between influencers and companies that find professionals of different price ranges and the most varied characteristics. Thanks to them, new influencers have visibility and companies obtain a guaranteed service for projects that are carried out in a timely manner.

Using platforms and tools is an ideal way to test different profiles and see how they adapt to a professional project without having to sign risky contracts beforehand.


The profession of influencer is a growing job that interests companies and organizations more and more in their digital marketing strategies. Becoming an influencer is relatively easy and straightforward if you take into account certain prerequisites in addition to a knowledge of the workings of digital marketing and the gear of the different social networks. Image social networks are some of the preferred by influencers, mainly in markets such as fashion, beauty, gastronomy and tourism. Bloggers and youtubers also integrate these influencing strategies into their online communication initiatives.

Planning a digital strategy with an influencer allows companies to gain notoriety, increase traffic to their website or increase sales. There are different platform which connect brands and influencers and prices vary from one profile to another. It depends on the budget of the campaign and the product that they want to promote. companies take some time to select influencers with a large following on social media. It is not always more successful to use a Celebrity with a large following for certain strategies. What is certain is that using an influence strategy is a safe bet for brands to promote their products.