Tango Live Stream - Gifts & Earning

What Is Tango App?

The Tango App is a social video streaming application for Mobiles and Tablets, users are allowed to connect on video calls, audio calls and text messages too. Tango app let users search their nearby streamers and connect to each other using the GPS of your device. It’s more like dating or finds a new friend application; users can send messages to anyone on the application for free without any restriction. A message could be text, image, video clip or location. The Tango live stream has multiple camera filters that can be use while doing live streaming or video call. Users can send bulk messages to their Tango contacts by creating a group of contact list.

How To Make Money On The Tango App?

Majorly, users are using the tango app for live streaming, streamers who do broadcasting can receive gifts from viewers and that can be converted into real money. Like all other applications, Tango users need to be a contracted hosts to be more successful and earn more money through the platform. An average that a host can earn through tango is $300-$1000 every month. Tango only prefer to invite all talented people to become official hosts on their platforms.
When a streamer become the official host with Tango live stream, they commit to achieving the monthly target of receiving gifts and streaming hours. When Tango host reaches sufficient gift level, Tango pay them additional monthly bonus.

What Tango App Used For?

The tango app also have feeds sections just like any other social media application, where a user can check recent photos & videos uploaded by people you follow on app. Tango has multiple filters and features to find new friends and connections such as;

  • You can become friends with people they already know through other social media channel or by their phone contact list,
  • Search users with nearby filter which allow you to check who all are using the tango app and active in your nearby location,
  • Your can search people who are in friend list of your connections, friend of a friend filter help you searching more authentic people around you &
  • You can follow and connect to the people who are popular on application from your area.

These filters work so accurate as users has to sign-up on the tango app with their Phone number, Facebook or E-mail IS which let cookies and caches to fetch right data from your phone to serve better quality functions.

Tango Live Stream Agency

Is The Tango App Safe?

Tango is one of the oldest applications in its segment, It is popular for its entertaining video broadcasts and making new friends. People actually create community and bond with other users and help each other by sending and receiving gifts.

Any girls across the world, want to join tango as official hosts are allowed to sign the contract. The Tango app support its official streamers and let them connect to a huge fan base by showing their broads to multiple active users. Tango pay a good amount to its streamers for doing live streamings.

The tango app let streamers do whatever they want to run on their broadcast like; dance, sing, strip, flirt, etc., unlike other applications that have multiple restrictions on content and comments. The application can be use in 17 different languages as you can connect to more international people, The tango app has over 400million users in total and still growing rapidly. Users are totally secured with the fake streamers if any account falls under the invalid terms, fraud schemes or underage streamers then id will get banned immediately and unable to search again by users.

Today Live streaming has become an important part of the life for young generation, Almost every person is using some app for live streaming it may be Facebook, Instagram, the tango app, etc and this new way of technology helping people in many different ways.