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Waka App

Waka Host Registration

Waka is a international social dating application, Waka previously known as Tami & Tami for Anchor. We are hiring live streaming hosts, 1v1 video calling hosts and Audio streamers for Waka. Official hosts can earn money through Calls, gifts, room target bonus and daily target bonus. Waka and LH Talent agency always welcome new hosts to join us. Please follow the steps to complete Waka host registration.

Waka Host Registration Process


Agency WhatsApp: +918130917530

  1. >>click here<< to download the waka for anchor app
  2. Download and Install waka for anchor app.
  3. Register on application by verifying your mobile no.
  4. Use Agency code ‘337098616’
  5. Give all required permissions to the app.
  6. Fill all the profile details require and complete your profile 100%

Requirement to become Waka Host

  • Gender : Female
  • Country : India & Pakistan
  • Diamond Value : 2000 diamonds = 1 USD
  • Minimum Pay-out : 10000 diamonds (5 USD) 
  • Payment Mode : UPI & Bank Transfer
  • Payment Day : Weekly (Monday)
Waka Host registration

Waka Host Salary System

Host Income Contains 

Basic Income Gifts + 1v1 video call 

Bonuses Income 

1v1 bonuses + Rank bonuses + Individual target bonuses + Room owner rebate bonuses 

Task Income
Valid Pick User + Fans light 

Host salary: 2000 = 1 USD 

Basic Income

Gifts Income: 1~79999
Chat room+ CP live streaming room+ 1v1 video call 

1v1 video call income

150 ~1000 / min

Bonuses Income

1v1 Bonuses 

Match bonus: 10 / call 

Call bonuses: 10%~50% call bonus according to your level and ranking 

Rank bonus: 1000~30000 

Individual Target Bonuses (Weekly) CP live streaming room + Chat room 

Valid Day Requirement: 3 valid days/week Total Hours Duration: 10 hours/week 


Host A received 10000 Beans gift in chatroom, at the same time she finished 3 valid days and 10 hours on mic duration in the same week, she’ll get 10000+6000=16000 Beans =$8 in total 

Room Owner Rebate Bonuses (Weekly)

CP live streaming room + Chat room 


1. Above rebate will be added to your account immediately once you reach the certain target 


Host B is a room owner. Her room ‘s total weekly income achieves 97500 beans , she’ll get 9750 gems as room rebate. 

Task Income

Valid Pick User + Fans light
-You can find more details inside the app 


– Valid Day 

Daily on mic duration ≥ 150 minutes, will be counted as one valid day 

– Weekly total on mic duration 

Weekly totally on mic duration ≥ 10 hours ( CP room + chat room) 

– Pure Beans income 

1.weekly all gift income ( ordinary gifts 100% + boss gifts 100% + lucky gifts 5%);
2.1v1 call income 

Remark: All bonus income will not be counted here 

– Valid Host 

A host who finishes 3 valid days + 10 hours on mic duration + 3000 pure beans income in one week, will be counted as one valid host 

– New Valid Host: 

A host who finishes 3 valid days + 10 hours on mic duration + 3000 pure beans income in a natural week, within 14 days after joining, will be counted as one valid new host. 


  1. Statistics Time is from Monday 00:00 am. to Sunday 23:59pm. China Time. 
  2. You can withdraw every day as long as you reach the minimum withdrawal line of 5 dollars. 
  3. Agency commission update every Monday. 
  4. If call was hang up within 30s, no coins for this call. 
  5. Coins are merged for girls but if agency wants to get commission from this host, she has to achieve 10000 coins’ weekly target. 
  6. While anchors are working, she should stay in a quiet place, don’t let animals or men or children appear on the camera. 
  7. No porn is allowed in all public places inside the app 
  8. You should remind your girls that they are not allowed to have 2 IDs working at the same time, once noticed all related income will be removed. 
  9. You should warn your girls that you are not allowed to receive money from users offline.