How To Use Bigo Live App?


How Does Bigo Live Work?

Bigo Live is a live video streaming mobile app, which is originally based in the Singapore and all operations are handled by China team in Beijing. On Bigo, users can go live via video stream & chat with the realtime audience also users can watch live streaming videos of other broadcasters. The video chats could be one to one video calls or group chats between a maximum of 9 users.
Bigo live encourages users to randomly chat with strangers through a video streaming feature, which is quite similar to Instagram and Facebook streaming. Broadcaster can’t save their live streams like we have an option in Insta and FB to save and publish the streaming. Bigo have many different filters just like Snapchat that can change the appearance of the live broadcaster. Its is really fun and motivates kids and adults to drive on this app.
They also have voice chat feature which they call Live audio broadcasting, where the broadcaster can join multiple users on streaming just like a normal conference call. During the live streaming, viewers can comment on video where all real-time users can read them.


The bigo live is a free app to download but users can purchase BEANS (A virtual gift) which they send to their favorite broadcasters as a gift to support them to win a challenge to complete monthly targets. When a user sends or receives beans; it also helps to increase their profile level and add on more points to their status on the platform.
Beans are also the earning of a broadcaster, which they can exchange for real money.
Bigo live also lets broadcasters to stream their gameplays, where users can level up their rank to the app logging in daily, watching others live streamings and sending or receiving beans. The broadcaster is ranked by levels, the higher a broadcaster reached the level the more their live stream will visible to new users. 


Bigo Live does not allow kids younger than 18 years as the influence of connecting with random strangers on Bigo Live is a major red flag the app is not for the kids. Content on the app can be mature, violent and inappropriate for teens. The app relies on AI to verify a user’s age and there are several reports and user bans of younger kids bypassing the AI.


Broadcasters are rewarded for growing their followers which can lead broadcasters to do whatever it takes to make people follow them. There are games like PK; where 2 broadcaster battle for a couple of minutes and who gets more beans will win the battle. But hosts don’t lose anything in real like even a streamer lose the PK they still have the beans received in battle.
People have to buy diamonds to send the broadcaster which received in form of beans by the broadcaster. The current rate of diamond is 42 diamonds for 1 USD, so on the app, there are different gifts that you can send to people you watch and all specific gifts have a different value to purchase the same value is received by a broadcaster in form of beans and every 210 beans are equals to 1 USD.
This is the one way of making money on bigo Live if you are not an official host. ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


As official hosts get paid by the app too, they pay hosts for completing 60 hours in a month, they pay for receiving gifts from the viewers. This is based on a monthly target and the least payment host can earn is $150 and last it goes up to $24000. There is always an exchange between users and bigo like; the targets have to be complete to receive the payments from the bigo, it may base gaining followers, beans or completing hours.


Bigo is more for entertainment purposes just like any other social media but they have many content restrictions, just like one can not smoke on the camera, show or drink alcohol on camera. If any user show inappropriate content on their broad bigo can ban them immediately and there is no fixed time to get unbanned by bigo it totally depends on the reason for getting banned. They can also restrict and ban your phone to use bigo in that case you need to buy a new phone to use bigo live application


It’s really easy to create an account on bigo just like Instagram but I can tell you its so addictive. People who started using it as a time-pass, not in the addiction of this and they don’t miss a single chance of being on Bigo Live. There is alot of interesting and good looking people, who hold real talent and talk to viewers in real-time, laughing with you, reading comments & there is a lot of thing which holds you on the app.
You can learn a lot of things and become more interactive with people, it’s a fun app you can download and start using it and you can become an official too with our agency.